Happy Navratri !!!!

CA. Shikha (Chartered Accountant) (4143 Points)

19 September 2009  

Every Indian festival has a reason and significance behind its celebration. It is not only celebrated for fun and enjoyment. But there is a proper meaning behind its celebration. Similarly with the festival of Navaratri there is a significance and meaning attached to it. The festival celebrates the worship of Three Goddess, Durga (the god of power and strength), Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) and Saraswati (the Goddess of knowledge and learning). The festival leads to spiritual growth of a person. It gives the person inner strength to fight against all odds of life. The courage to fight for the weaker section of the society and against all evils of the society. So the first three days is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Shakti. The next most important requirement in life is wealth and prosperity and for that the next three days of the festival is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi (the Goddess of wealth and prosperity). Knowledge and learning is another important aspect of life. And for that the last three days of the festival is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati. She is worshipped so that she blesses us with power of knowledge and helps us to attain spiritual enlightenment.

The nine nights festival of Navratri begins on the first day of Ashwin of the bright fortnight. The festival comes to an end on the tenth day of Vjay Dashmi or Dussehra, when the idols of the Goddess Shakti are immersed in the river. Dussehra, is considered as an important festival. Though the festival celebrates the worship Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati but all three Goddess are the incarnations of Goddess Shakti (the Mother Goddess). The festival signifies power, wealth, prosperity and knowledge