Gst on commercial rent and trading



I am a business man from Chennai. I had Registered for gst. My business income is from inter state sale of fabrics and garments which is under 10 lakhs a f.y. I also earn commercial rent of  6 lakhs and residential rent of 4 lakhs. Total turnover will be below the exemption limit of 20 lakhs. I am told that since I have registered for gst number and also supply goods inter state I need to collect and pay gst. My doubt was that I have to collect gst only on inter state supplies of goods or the commercial rent which I am receiving in Chennai also. My sense of understanding is Since I am below exemption limit I need not collect gst on commercial rent. Residential rent is exempted anyways. Only I need to collect 5 percent tax on fabrics and garments for inter state supply and pay. Please confirm I am right. 

Thank you. 

KVO Merau Kutchh

No, Once registered......... you are supposed to collect GST over all the taxable supplies (be goods or services)....... pay to treasury and....... claim ITC over the same....