Export of goods issues with exchange rate and also E way bill generation

Sajjad A Sait (Managing Directr) (30 Points)

08 June 2023  

Dear Panel

We are facing two issues:

Issue no 1

We are an exporter based in Kerala. We had filed an export invoice and generated E invoice on the 30th of April for a shipment of chilly powder and the goods were transported to Tamilnadu as we had to get spices board permission to export the goods and spices board had to draw samples. We got the spices board permission on 12th May and the shipment was done on the 13th of May. 

As the e invoice  was already generated we filed GSTR-1 on 10th May with the value of goods as per E invoice
On 13th May the customs rate of exchange had changed.

when trying to apply for refund we are unable to as the value shown in GSTR-1 is different from the value in the shipping bill

Issue no 2

We had raised an E invoice as above on the 21st  of May for export of coffee. We got the necessary permission from coffee board after 11 days. Now we are unable to transport the goods as E way bill system does not allow us to take e way bill as the e invoice was generated more than 10 days ago


pls advice what can be done to solve both the above issues 

Thanking you in advance 

Sajjad Sait