CMA KNVV Sri Vidya - Sri Kanth (C.A.Final (New) ICWAI FINAL (New))   (11269 Points)

06 September 2010  


Message From The
Board of Studies

Dear Students,

The examination system of the Institute is one of the best systems in India and it has maintained very high standards of integrity, confidentiality and creditability over the
years. It seeks to test the multifaceted knowledge which a chartered accountant is expected to possess. To
 achieve success you have to approach the examination with a positive attitude.

I am sure you would have already started your preparations for the November examination with some plans. Here, I have penned down the strategy to clear the examinations based on my experience of so many years which may be of help to you:

Read Study Material thoroughly: 

·        The study materials would help you to develop a strong conceptual base. 

·        They give you the parameters within which you have to study. 

·        Make it a habit of going through them thoroughly as these will enable you to understand the basic concepts of the subjects and develop your ability in understanding the different concepts and their applications. 

·        Apart from the study material, do refer to at least one standard text book and solve all the illustrations and problems therein. This will further build your Conceptual clarity of a particular subject and strengthen your problem solving skills.

Practice and Practice: 

·        Practice makes a man perfect.

·        Therefore, I suggest that you practice as much as  possible.

·        Here I would like to mention that many students start practicing from various books without first understanding the subject and the concepts involved.

·        This approach is absolutely wrong.

·        You need to first make your base, understand the concepts and then start practising.

The following publications brought out by the Institute will be of a great help:

·        The Practice Manual for each subject Suggested Answers , Compilations, Revisionary Test Papers  for last few attempts.

·        The more you practice, the better engraved will be concepts in your mind.

Don't indulge in Selective Studies:

No portion of the syllabus is less important and leaving any portion could be fatal

Stay Focussed:

·        Make goals: long term, medium term and short term and stick to them

·        Make a time table depending upon your aptitude and the time available

·        Keep regular hours of study

·        Do not spent time on making notes

·        Cut out disturbing factors like television,internet, mobile phones etc.

·        Take short breaks after each hour of study

Revise and Review:

It is important to study the reading material at least 3 to 4 times.

·        This would include: MESSAGE

o       First reading: This will be more like Novel reading to gain overview

o       Second Reading: This will be in depth study where concepts emerge

o       Third Reading: This will be very intensive reading to fully understand the concept and to underline important points to be revised on exam day i.e.

o       Fourth reading: Take Practical Training seriously: Many a
students take practical training to be a burdensome job. Practical knowledge is a must for success in exam

Visit Institute's Website:

·        Make it a habit of visiting The ICAI's website.

·        It contains all the educational inputs of the Board of Studies like latest study materials, suggested answers, RTPs, supplementary study materials, notifications etc.

·        It also contains announcements like relevant list of publications, Accounting Standards and Standards on Auditing etc. applicable for the examination.

·        Refer the Chartered Accountant Students' Journal and other publications: The students' Journal is another form of disseminating important information for your benefit.

·        It provides quality articles and academic updates that will help you in
your professional learning.

·        You can also send in your articles for publishing in the journal.


·        It is not only necessary that you prepare well, it is equally essential that you present
your answers well. For this following points are important:

·        Relax before the exam.

·        Your mind thinks well when it is in a relaxed state.

·        Attempt those questions first which you are confident about.

·        Budget your time wisely.

·        At least 15 minutes should be spent on reading the question paper thoroughly and 15 minutes should be kept in reserve for revision.

·        Give working notes to each practical question properly.

·        Give your assumptions wherever you feel necessary.

·        Give to the point answers and do not indulge in unnecessary details.

·        While answering questions involving application of law/standards etc, briefly state the facts, the legal position, your analysis backed up with case laws, if any and your conclusion.

·        Write legibly; avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

I am sure that the above points will help you in clearing the forthcoming examination with flying colours. Justkeep a positive attitude and keep your cool and conquer
the world!

Wishing you all the best in all your pursuits of life!
Yours sincerely,
CA. Vinod Jain
Email : chairmanbos @ icai.org