Dt/idt book for self study

Rahul Anand Arora (Chartered Accountant) (329 Points)

29 May 2012  

Hello CCIites,

I m appearing for my CA Final 2nd Group in NOV 2012. I was little confused regarding IDT book but finally decided to go with Vaitheeswaran from Snowwhite Publications and then for questions to do either padhuka or Dippak Gupta Scaner later.

Will it be suffiecient for Nov 2012 exams and for concetual clarity also ??  

Also till when Vaitheeswaran book for Nov 2012 attempt (updated till April 2012) will come in market, if any one can tell ??

Also i am going for TN Manoharan for Direct Taxes. but evry1 says do theory part from this and u all know that how vast is Direct Taxes syllabus and i want to stick to one book only. Is there any need of another book for practical questions like scanner/padhuka etc ???

Please Help me guys..pls reply asap...

Thanks in Advance

Rahul Arora