Do we need GOD...?

Sangam (CA) (1329 Points)

21 November 2009  


Do we need GOD...?

Ajay was 8 yrs old. His father brought him a new bicycle. 

One fine evening his father was teaching ajay to drive the bicycle.

Ajay was driving it slowly and his father was running behind the bicycle keeping hold of the cycle carrier at back.

Ajay asked his father " dad, does God exist in this world ?"

His father told "whether God exist or not is not important, but Do we need him or not is more important ".

" Ok dad, Do we need God?" asked Ajay.

His father , thought for some time and told " I will answer ur question later sometime".

After one week , Ajay was driving the bicycle well, with little support from his father. He drove the cycle believing that his father was catching hold of the cycle carrier and running behind his cycle. His father stopped supporting and started watching 

his son riding the bicycle without any support. The moment Ajay turned back to check whether his father was running behind , he lost the balance and fell down from the bicycle and his father came running to help his son.

Now his father told that " My son, when ur riding the bicycle very well thinking that i was supporting you from the back, is similar to God's faith...that is the belif u have in him... the moment u doubted me and turned back , u fell down by loosing belief in me...similarly we may be left out if we stop believing in God


Ajay replied , " If i start practicing well , I will be able to ride the cycle without anyone's support".

His father , thought , " hmm... my son is also right...???".