Confusion for CA final May 07

Varun Maheshwari (28 Points)

10 May 2007  
Dear All,

Please .......................... let me no that whether scheme of preponement will be applicable to CA final students whose exams is due in May 2007.

I would also invite all of ur attention on the disclaimer posted on ICAI site in student menu. At last of the disclaimer there is a note for student where it is being mentioned that if the proposed scheme passes prior to commencement of Nov 2006 exams, it would be applicable to students to be appeared in May 2007 ( subject to eligibility status) i e. exams will be preponed and due attempt would be Nov 2006.

Now the issue is that if the proposed scheme passes in september 2006 as per another draft regulation, would the scheme be applicable to students to be appeared in may 2007 as due date of filling of exam form is the last week of August 2006 for Nov 2006 Exams.

Thus there is a great confustion as

If it would be effective, one can plan for exams leave from the next day and if not one can continue for training.

So, It's a request if anyone have any clarification regarding the issue. Please post a reply.  



Note : Both of the Pdf files tht i'd discussed earlier was being recieved from CAClubindia group.