Company stuck off, how to close bank account

Tarun (NA) (23 Points)

05 April 2023  

Dear Experts,

I am looking for some advise on how to resolve an issue.



My mother and I started a small company in 2012 and it never really picked off any business. We keep the company sleeping for a long time and the govt of India got the company stuck off.

We have associated a bank account with the company, which we would like to close and if possible get the money in the account transferred to my mothers account.


The bank is not willing to close the bank account as we are now ex-directors of the company without legal right to operate the account.



Is there a way to still get the money from the bank account to my mothers private account? If yes, would be glad to know the process.


Appreciate your kind assistance.


Thanks and Regards

Tarun Singhal