Sushant Lohani (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT) (1051 Points)

04 March 2010  

Most of the recent passouts of PCC in November 2009 have already started their coaching classes, I hope.  In recent times; esp from budget 2010; we have come to know that most probably

a)Direct Tax Code      b) IFRS  c) Goods and Service Tax

are gonna be applicable from 1.4.2011

And the government, I believe, has tabled new Companies Bill.

Most probably; they all will be in force in first day of FY 2011-12; and as per The Mint; ICAI is gonna make new GST guidelines and new sets of Accounting standards to comply with the adoption of GST and IFRS respectively.

Will that be included in our syllabus in November 2011 exams? Does that mean that our classes will have to teach us including all these new things as well.