Can we alter date of signing on MOA and AOA?

Aniketh Chavare (10 Points)

25 February 2023  


Please bear with me as I am not so knowledgeable on this issue.

When we incorporated the company, the subscribers and the witness signed the MOA and AOA on 13th July 2022 with their DSC on the said date.

We need to alter the MOA and AOA because we are changing the name of the company. I have 3 questions regarding this:

1) Should we let the signing date be the same or put the date when we altered the MOA and AOA?
2) If we need to put the same date as the initial signing, should we add something like "13-7-22 (Amended on new date)"?
3) Should we sign the MOA and AOA again?

Thanks again in advance.