CA RESULTS postponement

AHAMED. B (3 'C' - Final) (273 Points)

27 January 2010  

Instt has proved that it hasn't changed yet... It continues to be the same by once again postponing the PCC/IPCC/PE2 results.. I dono whether they manipulate the result or it is due to technical prob but I hope that they dont postpone again like they did last time.. Lets say 'Aal izz well" n hope for the best...


I think frenz wil reply atleast to this msg as there were no reply for ma 'help msg'.. I understand that u guys r tensed due to the results but its awful for me not to get a single reply for that, which paved the way to edit that 'help msg' and change it to this one since I cant delete a created msg... Thanks one and all..