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Ca final after 6 years (battled depression)

Hi all,

I am 29...

Need help.

I have decide to complete my CA.

I have been battling depression for many years.
So I did not enjoyed the precious years of my Life.

koi baat nai...

I can self study.

Please recommend me those books(for nov2019) for each subject including for AS or Ind AS.

I won't do a corporate job. I found it to be mechanical(1.5years) and faced such harassment and humiliation that made me felt small, untouchable, mentally ill and such other negative problems.
I was about to suicide in these 1.5 years. I lost my faith in humanity.

But I fought despite being in state of depression.
I promised them that I won't put their names and the name of the organisation on any online portal(s) and they released me.
Yes it went personal.

I have my mother for whom I want to be a CA and also for myself who underestimated himself and got carried away.
I am literally crying while writing this because its quite painful.

I need complete guidance.
I am a person with full of positivity now .

Just help me please.

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FCA FCS Neeraj Kr (Taxation Cum Auditing professional)   (129 Points)
Replied 04 May 2019

dear Akash

firstly it takes lot of courage to come out of mental depression and required strong will power to achieve any thing in life..
brother..life is all about your right attitude..and I am happy that u want to do it for Ur mom and Ur slf..
be positive and stay humble....
success will come Ur way for sure...
my best wishes for u...

CA Neeraj Kumar
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Sundararajan S (Final Student of ICAI) (1760 Points)
Replied 04 May 2019

For FR institute material and PM. If not MPV sir Book. For SFM icai material. Law you can refer Munish Bandari but you must go through ICAI book. Audit either Pankaj Garg or PM. First complete SFM and Law. Then go with FR and Audit. In FR first complete standards and then come to other topics. Never omit anything. All the best. Prepare a time table and study. Go for fitness center if possible or do Yoga. Drink ample water. Prepare summary notes for law and audit. Make your own notes for remembering section numbers and standard numbers and key words in auditing. Section numbers are must for law. Steps must be same as ICAI book for FR and SFM. Watch the steps. Write at least two mock exams. Practice a lot. First take 1/4 syllabus. Then 1/2 and then write full paper tests. That will help. All the best.
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ritika (student) (113 Points)
Replied 04 May 2019

u can follow teachers on YouTube for revision
ca sanidhya Saraf for law and audit revisions
video are crisp and to the point.

u can go with the books refered above.
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Roshan Singh (107 Points)
Replied 04 May 2019

Go bro keep going one of my Brother cleared at age 33. almost 14 years after .

Thank u all....I m feeling kind of lucky....Can anyone suggest me for 2nd group as well.

Also I feel I should go for one group at a time.

Bharat chandan (student) (158 Points)
Replied 05 May 2019

Hi Akash,


First of all, Happy Birth Day :) because its your new life. 2nd Don't ever feel your self helpless, There are many organisation in which you will feel pressure. Don't Worry you have now good experience that you will be able to earn which will cover your and your family cost of living. Just don't take pressure, be cool, be calm. If possible see videos of Gaur Gopal Das, Sandeep Meheshwari and Jay Shetty on youtube.


With regards to studies, i would prefer you to join ICAI crash course batches. They are very cheap and effective. After break you will need someone to push you up. this will help you a lot.


For 2nd group you can refer these books: Costing (Check old Practice Manual), ISCA (Amit tated book + he has uploaded his full lecture for chapter 1 and 7 on youtube), DT: Bhawar borana, IDT: Bangarh Compiler



Bharat Chandan

Right now thanks a ton to all of you for your selfless support. For me its like starting from scratch so you can understand the level of guidance I need for being good professional so that I can justify my degree and live a good life after being a CA. Thanks once again.

Hitesh Bhandari (Employed) (33 Points)
Replied 05 May 2019

Hi Akash,

To start with, PATIENCE is the KEY

Sharing with you in brief two examples that come to my mind.

1. My best friend cleared CA recently after 8 years of giving exams every 6 months while i have been working post qualification for those many years. He was the reasons why I even decided to chose this as a Career

2. A couple of times a very senior Chartered Accountant practicing for 20+ years I met put it very simply by saying you have chosen CA, then just work hard.

Regarding how to go about it:

Book Selection: For the books to Chose and guidance on how to go about it. You will have to plan and start executing the plan and keep modifying what suits you best as you go along. To explain this, go to a book store and check online book sample extracts, select one book you think suits you and start your studies.

Accounts: ICAI Study material, Practice manual

Audit: Surbhi Bansal

Law: Munish Bhandari

FM: ICAI Study material, there are usually crisp coaching classes notes for theory

DT: Vinod Gupta

IDT: Bangar

Costing: Coaching Classes Notes, Study material and Practice manual

ISCA: Dinesh Madan, Amit Tated

For some, multiple readings are required to grasp. While for someone like me I am a very very slow learner but I ensure I understand to the core and I hardly manage completing first reading 20 days before exams but its with confidence that i know the subjects well. So decide your approach on reading.

Subjects to read may vary. I had studies two subjects a day to keep myself active. First half all theory, 2nd half practical. The day practical topics were heavy, i used to take up something easier for theory to balance.

Keep a pencil handy, it ensures you are active and mark important points or make summary on the page itself for exams. Make notes where you think the day before exam reading everything wont be possible. Decide on how do you want to revise summarily in the last day.

Sleep well atleast 7 to 8 hrs. A lot of times you end up changing your sleep cycle which is not good. Sleeping on time and getting up on time is really really important.

Lot of further things to do. You can reach me on my email id hiteshbhandari.ca @ Gmail.com or call 9869194404 for further assistance.

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nivedita bhattacherjee (nil) (22 Points)
Replied 05 May 2019

I found your guidance really helpful Due to certain problem and my low confidence level I cudnt appear for my final exams for a long time. 2015 may was the last exam I sat for. so this year for nov 2019 am thinking of appearing. But again am not confident enough that I will b able go through.

With all due respect I know due to time constraint I have been suggested some books. 6 years back I planned very good books along with RTP and PM to cover as much as possible along with changes and recent amendments which generally a student would have found really helpful. But now I need suggestion. Sab kuch naya sa hai mere liye to be really honest.

Hitesh Bhandari (Employed) (33 Points)
Replied 06 May 2019

All d best. There can be a lot which can be talked about and still it would not be complete unless you start working on and know your requirements. If there is anything further that I can help with, please let me know. Already shared my contact details.

Yes I have saved your number.
I will need your help.
Probably the next year.

Thanks Hitesh Ji.

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