Ca final after 6 years (battled depression)

Hi all,

I am 29...

Need help.

I have decide to complete my CA.

I have been battling depression for many years.
So I did not enjoyed the precious years of my Life.

koi baat nai...

I can self study.

Please recommend me those books(for nov2019) for each subject including for AS or Ind AS.

I won't do a corporate job. I found it to be mechanical(1.5years) and faced such harassment and humiliation that made me felt small, untouchable, mentally ill and such other negative problems.
I was about to suicide in these 1.5 years. I lost my faith in humanity.

But I fought despite being in state of depression.
I promised them that I won't put their names and the name of the organisation on any online portal(s) and they released me.
Yes it went personal.

I have my mother for whom I want to be a CA and also for myself who underestimated himself and got carried away.
I am literally crying while writing this because its quite painful.

I need complete guidance.
I am a person with full of positivity now .

Just help me please.