CA Exams – Download Latest Suggested Answers, Practice Manuals, RTP

Anooj (Chartered Accountant) (2130 Points)

18 March 2012  


CA Exams – Download Latest Suggested Answers, Practice Manuals, RTP

Excellence in any professional course comes through consultation of high quality study materials and a meticulous study plan. Board of Studies of ICAI provides a multitude of academic resources of fairly high quality and dependable sources of study for students to enable them to develop the much needed intellectual base and inputs for assimilation. ICAI regularly updates its Practice Manual, Suggested Answers & RTP and is available at the branches of ICAI and can also be downloaded online

Study Material for CA IPCC & CA Final

The Board of Studies has always been providing a comprehensive study material on each and every subject. The aim of the study material is to cover the entire course which is sub-divided into various chapters. The presentation of the subject matter is done in a manner so as to enable the students to grasp and understand the subject and strengthen their knowledge in the particular area.

The study material also aims to define and confine the scope of syllabus while developing each topic. An attempt is also made to provide simple illustrations and case studies to highlight the difficult topics in a lucid manner.

Other Pronouncements by the Board of Studies like Accounting Standards, Auditing Standards, and Guidance notes on various matters related to Accountancy, Auditing and Taxation etc. are critically important for CA IPCC & CA Final students  as basis of knowledge and its application to practical problems in the relevant subject areas.

CA IPCC & CA Final Students are expected to have a good insight of the contents of the above publications for the purpose of examinations and also otherwise.

The study material for CA IPCC & CA Final Student at the time of enrolment for CA Course and the same can also be downloaded from the following link

Practice Manual for CA IPCC & CA Final

Over a period of time, the Industry has been observing that CA’s, although very knowledgeable are unable to apply what he/she has learnt. Therefore, in order to train the students to apply the theory into practice, the Board of Studies has brought out Practice Manuals which contain series of Questions in respect of various topics covered in the study material.

The Questions have been arranged in a manner whereby one may develop understanding, commencing from a simple topic to a more complex one. With a view to making practice manuals – a single source of reference, important definitions and formulae have been given at the beginning of each chapter. This would enable CA IPCC and CA Final students to straightaway do the practice of various questions given in the manual.

The practice manual for CA IPCC & CA Final Exams can be purchased online from

Suggested Answers for CA IPCC & CA Final

The Board of Studies regularly prepares and publishes Suggested Answers to Questions asked in the CA Examinations held in May and November Attempt. The suggested answers volumes (and their compilations in some subjects) are a valuable source of study for the CA Examinations. They provide credible glimpses of not only the desired ways in which examination questions are to be attempted but also of the professional quality and standard of the answers expected from the CA IPCC & CA Final students in the CA Exams.

The suggested Answers for CA IPCC & CA Final Exams are available at all Branches of ICAI and can also be downloaded online from

Compiler for CA IPCC & CA Final

ICAI also prepares a compilation of all the suggested answers which is helpful for the Students while preparing for Exams.

The Difference between Compiler and Suggested Answers is that the questions in the compiler are sorted on the basis of topics while the Suggested Answers are answers to Question Papers of Previous Attempts

The Complier for CA IPCC & CA Final can be downloaded from

Revision Test Papers – RTP for CA IPCC & CA Final

Revision Test Papers (RTP) are issued well ahead of each examination by ICAI – Board of Studies. These contain a number of solutions/answers/hints, which would be of help to the CA students.

Revision Test Papers (RTP) for CA IPCC & CA Final Exams can be purchased from the nearest Branch of ICAI and Soft copies of Revision Test Papers (RTP) can also be downloaded from