Born to Win

Nitesh Jha (CA Final) (83 Points)

21 June 2016  

The easiest thing in life is to fall down, get demotivated, accept failure and think that it will bring an end to all the sorrow, the pain, the grief which we were facing in our lives.

Thinking that by turning our faces from the problem is going to help us evade it.But just for a moment think of a situation, what if I am walking on a railway track with a super fast train speeding towards me, is closing my eyes going to save me??NO!! Instead I will be crushed under the merciless wheels of the train!!

Then for a moment if I go back and think, what would have happened if I took a chance and change the track on which I was walking?? Wouldn't that be a better option?? Where I would have stood tall with my chest pumped and see the train going away without a scratch on my body.

The same thing goes on with our lives also.There might be situations where we may fail even after trying really hard but does that mean I should loose hope and accept failure??

Instead of it shouldn't I be thinking that even though my effort was really good perhaps it wasn't good enough, I should change my way and give it another shot in a better and more efficient way!!

My friends it takes just a single moment to decide I have lost and accept defeat and become a failure and the same time is required to think that I will not stop come what may!!

I am a winner and I will win no matter how many times life puts me down I will keep standing up and tell life to try me again and again and again... Till the day comes when life itself accepts my metal and with all its might which it can throw at me it won't be to make me accept defeat and it finally realises that I AM BORN TO WIN !!!