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11 July 2012  

Once john fell down from a ladder and broke his thigh.Encased a huge plaster he has to spend twelve weeks in bed.

With nothing to do boredom was killing him.A week later he saw an ANT.He got an idea and caught that ant.He kept it in a match box and made it as his pet.

He fed it sugar cubes and decided to teach it tricks.it was a slow and painfull work but john has plenty of time to do this.

he made matchsticks barrier to taught ant jump across,he puddled small saucers of water and ant demostrated breast stoke and underwater swims


After twelve weeks john was made free from his plaster and now he was curious to find audience for his circus ant

Carrying ant in his pocket he went to meet his cousin tony ,in a bar .where he was barman.

john took out his ant and it ready

hey tony see the ant here?"

"oops sorry john", said tony

the ant came down his palm and  splattered the ant and tossed it  away 

"Now john tell me how you spent youe twelve weeks?"


it happens with all of us we spend time,we sweat our blood to plan and prepare something but at last moment things go wrong...and all efforts get wasted.

this leaves us with a stunned situation and nothing to react...


so take it easy 

As the saying: DIL PAR MAT LE YAAR