CFO Engage - Treasury India Summit

In a complex and fast changing business scenario, corporate treasuries have seen a gradual shift to capital structure management from debt management and have increased their focus on improving ROE (return on equity) by optimizing, leverage and managing investor relation to support long-term growth, in addition to raising long-term equity capital and aligning business cash flows with debt servicing obligations.

Treasury’s strategic role continues to expand as it takes on more responsibilities, collaborates with an increasing array of business units, advises senior management and becomes heavily involved in making capital allocation decisions. Treasurers’ skill sets are increasingly in demand to provide analytical rigor and advise corporate leaders and boards of directors on how to best optimize corporate liquidity and ensure holistic risk management. To meet growing demands for their time and advice, treasurers have to ensure highly effective and efficient treasury operations in order to fulfill their traditional roles while also meeting the requirements of the “new” treasurer. Companies that embrace this transition into a broader role for treasury and take advantage of treasury’s analytical and risk management capabilities will have an opportunity to make better strategic decisions in an increasingly uncertain business environment.

Treasurers are being further challenged by their Board and Executive Committee to add value to group operations rather than operate as an individual team. Collaboration with tax, risk, and finance teams is critical for Treasury to continue as a strategic advisor to the business. Treasury teams must continually re-evaluate their roles as Catalyst, Strategist, Steward and Operator in order to balance their priorities and challenges. The evolution of the Treasury function from operational to strategic, combined with increased market regulation and volatility, provides opportunities for Treasury to leverage whole of company skills to manage risks. Partnering with tax, finance and risk teams, coupled with greater use of available technologies, will set the course for Treasury as a key stakeholder with a permanent seat at the table.


  • Learn how to improve performance by seeing exactly how someone else did it
  • Hear case studies, lessons learned, and strategic advice from leading treasury management teams to identify approaches that work for your company
  • Network with your ecosystem: Connect and build longterm working relationships with industry peers
  • Benchmark your performance: Assess strengths, uncover areas for improvement, and keep up to date with the industry. Also, identify key IT strategies that generate tangible business value
  • Get new ideas: Engage in live demos and casual discussions, and learn about partner innovations and predictions of things to come, to get a fresh perspective and valuable ideas to apply to your business


  • Group treasurers of leading Indian and international corporates
  • CFOs and other senior corporate finance professionals
  • Global financial and treasury service providers
  • Future treasury leaders
  • Head of Foreign Exchange / FX / FOREX
  • Head of Commodities and Currency
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Chief Dealers
  • Cash Managers


  • Co-presented Case Studies
  • Panel Discussions Case Reviews
  • Technology Spotlights
  • Interactive Debates
  • Face-to-Face Business Meetings

Event from : 25 September 2018
Event to : 25 September 2018
Events Venue : Mumbai

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