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This is a unique and effective program that is structured in a way that your preparation will be a stepping stone towards successfully clearing your exam with flying colors. We understand CA course is a marathon and not a sprint Consistency & Hard work is a very crucial part of the preparation, to achieve this, I will work with you at a 1-1 level every week. The overall program is for 1 month. The program will be conducted through online video calls using Google hangouts. You can also interact with the mentor through Whatsapp. focus Enhancement program

How is the Program Conducted?

This program in conducted :

  • Weekly 1-1 Live Session with the mentor(online)
  • Daily Performance Monitoring on Whatsapp using our Performance Enhancement & Tracking Frameworks

What Happens in the Program?

Individual Attention lies at the core of the program. This program is not a typical workshop where generic strategies are discussed .Each Student is unique and has unique strengths and weaknesses and hence needs a unique strategy to prepare and crack the exam.

In the program Students get access to:

  • Super Focussed Individual Attention of mentor
  • 12 weekly sessions ( 45 mins each) with mentor ( 1 month has 4 sessions, for month 2 and month 3 student needs to re-enroll)
  • Daily Study Performance monitoring on whatsapp
  • 4 Performance Tracking & Analysis Frameworks
  • 14 Audio Tools to improve mental performance
  • 12 Key Mental Secrets to Attain a Carefree Focussed Mindset
  • 5 Effective Memorization & Visualization techniques

Course Coverage

The program is divided into 12 weekly Themes.These themes cover the key mental habits that the toppers exhibit and the techniques to build them.

First Month:

Week 1: The Unique You: How to unleash your true potential by recognizing your unique strengths and weaknesses

Week 2: The Most Important skill of a CA aspirant: How to master that one skill (the mother of all skills) that CA toppers master

Week 3:Foundation of a Steady Mind: How to build a steady mindset that doesn't fluctuate and impact study performance much no matter what happens around you

Week 4: The Most Vital Nutrient for Your Mind: How to build the deep drive that pushes toppers you to study hard consistently no matter what

Second Month*:

Week 5:Being in a state of Joy: How to increase your productivity by introducing some lifestyle hacks in your routine that make you super energetic

Week 6: The most powerful Mental Software: How to understand the biggest barrier to cracking your exam ;a barrier that exists in every students mind and learn how to overcome it

Week 7:When does your mind perform to its best: This sessions is all about learning the techniques that help you handle exam day pressure and stress

Week 8:Freeing up Your Mind: This session comprises a set of 1-1 discussions and activities that help you reduce negativity and stress

Third Month*:

Week 9: Understanding Your Fears: How to understand your Fears and turn them to your advantage;a secret tool every topper uses

Week 10: Overcoming Your Fears: A continuation of the previous session.This session helps a student understand how to overcome fears; especially fear of failure

Week 11:Motto for Long term Success: This powerful session will teach you how to get back up every time you stumble against all odds

Week 12:Striking a Balance Within: This final session uncovers the most powerful yet hidden secret of a toppers mind

*Need to re-enroll

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Experienced Faculty

CA Supriya Samant

CA Supriya Samant is a Chartered Accountant. Before she dedicated her time in creating Antarlakshya in 2018, she worked for over 6 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited (PwC) and Mukund M. Chitale and Co. as a tax consultant for many global Fortune 500 companies. An ever-smiling, patient & warm individual, Supriya's expertise to guide and motivate students comes from her grounded nature and the ability to appreciate, nurture and celebrate people for what they are. Behind her calm yet warm demeanor lives an intense passion and a deeper calling to empower individual students to overcome the barriers within themselves and turn their dreams into reality.

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