Stock Market Certification Course

By CA Aaditya Jain

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About the Stock market Course

The stock market is something that intrigues everyone, whether they are connected with the field of finance or not. The mechanisms that run the market, the intermediaries and the capricious trends have awed people across all sectors. It is often viewed as a complex system, too hard to grasp, except for the elite few. However, this notion is misplaced.

There is a science behind the functioning of the stock market and there is an art behind efficient trading in the stock market. Both of which can be learnt properly, if taught by capable teachers, such as the faculty here at CAClubIndia.

We bring to you, a well tailored certification course on the Stock Market, to equip you with the key basics. This course will provide you deep knowledge regarding Fundamental Analysis of stocks, which will help you pick the right company and Technical Analysis which will provide you the correct entry and exit timing. We also give our students the option of availing free demo classes, so that they can be sure, before committing to a full online or pen drive coaching.

Objective of the Course

To be a Stock Market Champion

Quite simply put, this course aims to impart the key concepts of stock market and to nurture your trading skills. Granted, no champion can be built without sufficient practice, but this course guides you towards perfecting your stock market skills and building a professional acumen in trading.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who would like to learn about the basics of the stock market.

Prior qualifications in finance or commerce can be helpful but are not absolutely necessary to learn about the stock market. What is essential though, is a keen personal motivation towards grasping the various concepts.

Types of Investments Covered

The financial products one can invest in are almost endless. Understanding the nuances of how each product functions and what differentiates one from the other is important to any career in the stock market. This course covers all the basic forms of investment and financial products as given below.

  • Equity Shares
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Gold
  • Commodities
  • Currency
  • Derivatives
  • Index
  • Fixed Deposits

Key Features of Stock market Course

  • Complete coverage of basic topics.
  • All technical jargons related to Stock market are covered.
  • Detailed explanation using graphics and charts
  • Practical insights with relevant examples
  • Easy to understand even for students from non-finance background


The lessons and basic concepts taught in this course are given below.

  • Concept 1 - What is stock market?
  • Concept 2 - Regulation of indian stock market
  • Concept 3 - Market Timing for trading
  • Concept 4 - Types of position in stock market
  • Concept 5 - How to decide position?
  • Concept 6 - How to start trading?
  • Concept 7 - Requirement of opening demat Account
  • Concept 8 - Charges of opening demat Acount
  • Concept 9 - Colour coding
  • Concept 10 - Fund transfer
  • Concept 11 - Bull and bear Meaning
  • Concept 12 - Myth of Stock Market
  • Concept 13 - How current market price of companies can be checked
  • Concept 14 - Why companies issue share?
  • Concept 15 - Why investor take equity share?
  • Concept 16 - Two stock exchange of india
  • Concept 17 - Market value
  • Concept 18 - Why share price rise and fall
  • Concept 19 - Purpose of indian stock market
  • Concept 20 - Contract note
  • Concept 21 - Index
  • Concept 22 - Sensex
  • Concept 23 - Nifty
  • Concept 24 - World Index
  • Concept 25 - How index points are calculated?
  • Concept 26 - Rule of trading
  • Concept 27 - When to book profit or loss
  • Concept 28 - Types of contract
  • Concept 29 - How to be champion in stock Market / How to excel in finance ?
  • Concept 30 - Types of equities trading with demat Account

Features / Benefits of the Online Classes

Option to either stream online or buy a pen drive

We believe in maximising students comfort when helping them learn a new concept, thus, we offer classes in both, online and pen drive mode. The student can opt for either of the options based on their preference.

Become a part of the Live Batch

At CAClubIndia, we encourage discussions and Q/A sessions, and by enrolling into our classes, you become a part of our Live Batch. You can discuss and solve your queries on a real time basis.


The classes are available in Hindi and the technical jargon are explained in simple terms so as to eliminate any confusion.

Free Demo Class

We know how difficult it is to invest your hard-earned money into something, especially when that something will help you lead a successful life ahead. Thus, we offer our students a demo class of our renowned faculty, so that you can take an informed decision

Advantages of taking the Online Course

Anywhere, Anytime and Any device

You can watch video lectures anywhere, anytime and on any device. With online video classes, students not only save time on commuting but can also easily manage their work along with their studies. You can also choose to stay in their hometown and study instead of travelling to the metro cities seeking good faculties.

Set Your Own Pace

You can learn at a pace you are comfortable with. You can plan your learning period as per your schedule. This will help you cope up with the time lost due to health or any other contingencies.

The Power of Revision

With online video classes, you can revise the content more than twice. You can also revisit the lectures right before the exams for concept clarity.


You can speak to our counsellors for any help or suggestion by just calling on our toll-free number during office hours.


Online classes are much more economical than classroom classes. You can plan your studies as per your budget, the course is also super affordable.

Doubt Solving

Students can easily reach out to the faculties on call or via email to solve their doubts and queries.


At CCI online learning along with the video classes, you also get e-books or physical books. Students get access to the largest community of professionals in the commerce field. With strong technology, students get access to a dedicated mobile app for students, students’ centric articles, free files and notes.

Make learning a lifestyle, not just a one time activity. The very motto of the instructor of this course, CA Aaditya Jain is "Learn More Earn More".

About the Training Instructor

CA Aaditya Jain

CA Aaditya Jain is well known amongst the students as Finance Guru, the stock market guru with the motto of Learn More Earn More.

Aaditya Jain Sir is considered the best faculty for CA Final Strategic Financial Management (SFM). His video classes are the best SFM classes for CA Final in India and are available for delivery in Pen Drive or Google Drive.

He is a qualified CA, MBA(FINANCE), NCFM, B.COM, M.COM, AWARDED AS NSE CERTIFIED MARKET PROFESSIONAL, MASTER OF FINANCIAL ANALYSIS. Currently teaching CA, CMA Final & CA, CMA Inter students in All Over India. Having vast experience of teaching CA, CMA Inter FM, CA, CMA Final SFM, CA Final Elective Paper 6A & 6B ( FSCM & RM ) faculty at New Delhi for last 15 years and also a visiting faculty of ICAI.

His classes are a perfect blend of Concepts and Practical knowledge. His classes are not only exam oriented but job oriented as well, as he helps the students to explore various career opportunities during the batch.

His results have been consistently the best all over the country.

He is the best Finance faculty.

His teaching is based on the concept of Learn More Earn More.

The coaching imparted is very exhaustive and wholly concept based. The coaching provided by sir is very systematic, well planned and absolutely time bound.

His mission is to develop youth with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. An integral part of his learning process includes how to raise queries, solve problems and make thoughtful decisions.

His success-oriented teaching methodology, has proved that every average but hard working student is capable of achieving his/her career goals.

He believes that, we need to Dream beyond what is possible; everything that we are able to see today was once a Dream before it became reality. Where the vision is one year, cultivate flowers; where the vision is ten years, cultivate trees; where the vision is eternity, cultivate people.

Terms and Conditions

  • Total Length of Videos: 36.5 hrs.
  • Expiry: 2.0 months or 50 hours of viewing whichever is earlier from the date of registration.
  • Videos are meant for web viewing only and cannot be downloaded. Videos are available in Full Screen viewing.
  • Course/Subject purchased once cannot be cancelled.

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