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Foreign Exchange Certification Course

By Tarini Vaidya

Price Rs. 1,799.00
(Inclusive of Registration and Tax)

  • Access: up to 6 months from date of subscription
  • Total Video Duration: 3 Hour+
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About the Foreign Exchange Course

In this program, we will talk about the foreign exchange market, what moves the market, how rates are quoted, how banks rate the quote and how they deal with each other. Foreign exchange touches our life in every day. It is important to understand what makes this market move and how does it function irrespective of the fact whether Foreign Exchange impacts your life directly or indirectly.

There is a notion that the foreign exchange market is complicated to understand and it is best left to bankers but in this course we will demystify all the concepts related to foreign exchange. We will also learn to calculate the foreign exchange rates with basic 6th grade mathematics knowledge. The course absolutely no prior knowledge in this field, thereby making it for everyone.

With globalisation, organisations and businesses have their interests around the world and resultantly the role and function of foreign exchange and its management increases several fold.

The Introduction to Foreign Exchange program is designed to enable you to understand in a unique, highly interactive learning style, the basics of foreign exchange and its management.

An online, anytime, anywhere program that understands your time constraints and yet offers you the very best.

Audience Section

Anyone who would like to learn about Foreign exchange.

Key features

  • Highly Interactive video lessons in High Definition
  • Over 3 hours of video
  • Basic concepts of foreign exchange
  • Determinants of foreign exchange rates
  • Evolution of foreign exchange markets
  • Learn to calculate various Forex rates
  • Quizzes to test understanding
  • Free E handbook to supplement learning

Expert - Tarini Vaidya

Tarini Vaidya is the Course Advisor and Facilitator for the Introduction to Foreign Exchange course.

She has over 25 years experience in bank treasury, foreign exchange and money markets and has held senior level positions in various banks.

She holds several firsts - first woman treasurer in the country, first woman dealer and first woman CEO of a foreign bank. She brings this real life learning and experiences to this course to enable you to master the concepts of Forex.

Tarini was a banker for 25 years from 1985 until 2010, and held senior positions during that tenure. She has worked with ANZ Grindlays Bank (now part of Standard Chartered Bank) both in India and overseas, a couple of European Banks and more recently with HDFC Bank. She began her career in the Global Markets (Treasury) division of ANZ Grindlays Bank, Mumbai; and continued to be a Treasury and Financial Markets specialist for most of her 25 year career with various banks. Her areas of core competency are the foreign exchange, fixed income and money markets and asset-liability management in banks. She has conducted training workshops for banks, insurance companies, business schools and training institutes.

Course Highlights

  • Highly Interactive video lessons in High Definition
  • Over 3 hours of video
  • Basic concepts of foreign exchange
  • Determinants of foreign exchange rates
  • Evolution of foreign exchange markets
  • Learn to calculate various forex rates
  • Quizzes to test understanding
  • Free Ehandbook to supplement learning

Course Content

Evolution of Foreign exchange markets

1.1 Evolution of Foreign Exchange Markets

1.2 Factors that affect exchange rates, long term factors

1.3 Short term factors affect exchange rates

1.4 Purchasing Power Parity

Exchange Rates

2.1 Foreign exchange, Fixed and Floating rates

2.2 Currency Quotations - Direct, Indirect, Base, Quotation

2.3 Currency Quotations - Appreciation, Depreciation, Tick Size

2.4 Quoting Rates - Bid Offer, Price Maker Taker, Spread

2.5 Quoting Rates - Interbank rates, Customer rates

Cross Rates

3.1 Quoting Rates - Interbank rates, Customer rates

Forward Foreign Exchange Rates

4.1 Forward Rates, Spot-Settlement Dates

4.2 Interest Rate Differential - Introduction

4.3 Interest Rate differential - Thumb Rule and Formula

4.4 Premium Discount - Intro, Forward Premium, Forward Discount

4.5 Premium Discount - Cheat tip, Cross Currency Forward Rates

4.6 Paying Receiving, Short Dates

4.7 Forward Markets - Domestic, Overseas, Cross Currency

4.8 Forward Contracts, Cancelation, Rebooking

Card Rates

5.1 Card Rates

Participants also get access to a Detailed Handbook to revise and revisit concepts explained in the video. There will also be quizzes at various stages to test understanding as well as Question and answer forums facilitated by the expert - Tarini Vaidya.

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