Hitting the Merit list of CA IPC

CA IPCC exam results are just out and we had the opportunity to interact with toppers and bring to you their success stories and close sneak peek into their motivating secrets.

Meet Vaibhav Garg, who hails from Panipat- the city of the Pandavs ! He was doing his IT training when he received the news which left him speechless . Ardent believer in confidence & faith, he is planning to stay focussed for his CA finals also.

Let us find out what was his strategy & how he has achieved this success:

Vaibhav, first of all many congratulations to you from the whole team of CAclubindia!!

Thank you Sir, thank you very much!!

So, how are you feeling now and what was your first reaction when you got this news?

I was speechless! I don’t have words. I was just shocked after seeing the result.

Ok and what was the first thing you did as soon as you heard that you are the AIR-3rd rank?

Actually I was in IT training so I called my mom and said that I secured the 3rd rank.

What was your mom’s reaction?

She was speechless!! There were tears in her eyes.

As you were in class so how did you get to know that you secured AIR 3rd rank?

Actually, I got a call from my center where I did the coaching. My Sir told me that I have secured the 3rd rank.

So, as you have now secured an AIR 3rd rank and the pass percentage was also very low this time, are you feeling the pressure for CA Final now as expectations from everyone must be very high?

I am not under any pressure, instead I am fully excited and ready also.

Great!! So, were you expecting rank in IPCC?

Actually, I wasn’t expecting any rank. Exams were good but I wasn’t really expecting rank.

Ok, so whom would you like to thank who helped you in achieving this success, any special mention?

Special mention – first of all to my Sir “Pankaj Sir.” He was a great teacher and guide and then to my family and my friends who were fully supporting me.

Great! So, currently are you taking classes in Delhi or in Panipat only?

At Panipat only – IT training at ICAI Branch of Panipat.

Wonderful! You know, we don’t often see that from Haryana people are getting ranks in CA so how are you feeling about that?

I can’t just express my feelings in words. It seems wonderful.

Ok, so now that you secured a rank, what would be your strategy for articleship and CA Final?

Frankly Sir, I am not yet ready but I will be focussed and work hard. I will try my best to get a rank from AIR 3 to AIR 1 in the finals.

Ok great !! So, can you share your strategy or time table with us so that other students or your juniors can get guidance out of it?

There was no proper time table. I felt that one can study at one’s own ease as it’s easy to prepare a schedule but not easy to follow the same.

Basically, my coaching classes completed by the month of October and as I had to attend the classes at my center, I didn’t get the sufficient time for self-study. Almost in last one month, I did self-study. I covered the practical subjects in the classes itself. In that last month, I put more effort over my theory subjects so that I can create a balance between both of them. At last, the result is there.

Ok, so what is the most important thing that students should take care of, while writing the exams?

One shouldn’t lose confidence; rather should keep the faith in oneself. Prior to exams, some students assume CA exams are difficult, so that shouldn’t be the case. One shouldn’t lose the confidence; that’s it!

Vaibhav Garg
3rd Topper - CA IPC

Ok, so you too might have faced the stress during the exams so can you share what you did in order to reduce your stress?

I used to chill out with my friends and family. It doesn’t mean that during exams, one would just go on studying. Besides studies, one should also try to take out sometime for oneself so that one can relax one’s mind.

Ok, so how many hours you used to study during the exams?

I didn’t count the no. of hours, I allotted for my study schedule(smiles) but I used to study for10 to 12 hours (approx.) during the exams.

Great, so apart from studies, what are your other hobbies or area of interest that passionates you?

I just love cricket!

So, are you ready to enjoy the upcoming World Cup Series? Seems like you are not going to miss a single ball?

Yes (Smiles). I am fully ready for it and not going to miss a single match.

So, who is your favourite player?

AB de Villiers (South Africa).

That’s nice!! So, who is your favourite team in this World Cup apart from India?

Apart from India, I am cheering South Africa.

Great! So, are you a member of CAclubindia?

Not yet.

I hope you would become a member now and will use it more often.

Sure Sir.

Any message for your friends or juniors?

Just be confident and have faith in yourself, you can do anything.

It was wonderful talking to you and I wish you all the best from the whole team of CAclubindia for your CA Final and I am very sure that after CA Final results of yours we will be again interacting and taking your interview.

Sure Sir. Thank you very much!

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" Hello!!!! . How are you ,i hope you are ok ,sincerely i saw your beautiful profile at(caclubindia)and wish to contact you for me to know you the more.My email id is(valarin65@yahoo.com)If you reply me with your email id in your reply ,i will send you.Happy to know you. Yours. Valarin, "


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