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Tanishq Shrikant Kale
All India Rank 1 CA IPC May 2016


CA IPC May 2016 exam results have released and we are once again glad to bring to you the success stories of this years toppers. It surely motivates everyone!

Meet Tanishq Shrikant Kale All India Rank 1 CA IPC May 2016 who hails from Pune. He is a confident, calm and hardheaded person. He is a gym and fitness enthusiast who also loves to spend time in outdoor games activities. He gets inspired from everyone and every day. Let us find out what his strategy was & how he has achieved this success:

Hello Tanishq, first of all we would like to congratulate you from all the members of CAclubindia.

Thank you !!

Can you describe your feeling at this moment?

It is a surprising moment for me and I am extremely happy for it.

What were your first reactions when you heard this news that you are AIR Rank 1 & what was your parent's reaction when they heard the big news?

I wasn't the first one to know. I actually came to know about it through my professor. Who called me and shared this. He was very proud. My mom started crying and my father was shocked when they heard this from me. I could see how happy they were. They were extremely happy and hugged me out of joy.

Were you expecting a rank?

I was hoping for a rank because the papers went well and the way I wanted them to be. I was obviously hoping for a rank but didn't expect it to be AIR-1.

So, far who inspired / motivated you in this journey so far?

I have one friend named Karan Wadekar. He is pursuing CA and actuary at the same time. He left B.Com for that. That is something that has always motivated me because both the courses are extremely terrific and tough and he is breezing through them very easily. So, I am really proud of him. We all used to study together so whenever in doubt, we used to clarify it together.

What are your expectations from CA Final?

I am hoping that I can keep this on and retain the title of AIR-1.

How did you achieve this can you share your strategy with us - how did you prepare, what was your time table before and during the exams?

There was not any strategy or schedule involved. I just knew that I had all the modules and practice manuals to read. I have just read them - one / two times. So, just keep reading them till you are sure that you know everything. And then, you read them again. I have focussed on the practice manuals daily. And I didn't go through the modules too much but I won't recommend that to anyone, as the modules are extremely important. You should just go through the modules and the practice manuals; apart from these, I don't think that anything is necessary. I was preparing from the beginning itself when the classes started. But, hard-core study started around 5 months ago before the exam. I didn't actually maintain any time-table. I just kept on studying at that time. I use to study for around 8 to 10 hours a day. I revised the whole syllabus 3 times before the final exams.

I didn't really do the mock test papers. But, again I would recommend all to go through everything that the institute gives you. Ultimately, they are going to set the paper and check it. So, the students should go through little-bit of all the materials that they can study.

And, what is the most important thing that one should keep in mind during the exams?

If you know that you have prepared well, then you are calm but if you haven't prepared well and see that you can't answer all the questions then you are obviously going to freak out. If you want to keep calm, you have to prepare - that's all. My mindset was that if you are solving it for the first time, then you should do it perfectly. There shouldn't be any doubt. So, I gave extra time for each sum, instead of keeping some time for checking it later because there was no point in making a mistake now and then checking it later. So, avoid the mistakes wherever you can.

Was there any time when you were stressed out?

Once, I and all my friends were outside the class and we were all depressed like what we are doing. We should be enjoying right now, why studying so much - rather we were there whole day in the class and studying at home. So, we all were depressed that why we are doing this - but we didn't have a choice because if you have started something, then you have to finish it.

So, your hard-work was worth it!

Ya, now I think that it was worth it.

Apart from studies, what are your other hobbies?

Most of my friends call me as gym-freak - I don't know. So, I preferred to think myself as a body builder. That's upto you now, how you label me, that's not my call !! I like going to the gym, playing outdoor games, listening music etc.

And during the last 5 months when you were studying, did you skip gym or continued doing that?

I had to let go off the gym for the last 2 months. I felt horrible for that but there was no option. I used to get so tired and I couldn't study after that. So, I just started skipping it for those 2 months.

And during the exams, what importance you gave from fitness - both mental and physical?

It's really important. If you are physically fit you will be more productive. You should go for regular exercise. One should basically take as much protein as he can. Limit your carbohydrates to your breakfast. Avoid eating stuffs like cookies and all; and have intake of all the vegetables. Being fit enough increases your productivity and mental strength. If you are not fit then you obviously have problems and you have to go the doctor. So, in such a situation, one has to face all such issues and waste a lot of time there.

What are your plans for articleship?

I haven't decided yet. I am still thinking which firm to join but mostly somewhere in the Big- 4.

Have you ever used CAclubindia?

Yes, for any important updates based on exams, I used to check there.

What would be your message for our members?

I will just like to tell them that never give up because you never know what's going to happen. You might be the next AIR-1 also if you just keep trying but if you give up, you would never know what you would have been. So, that is the worst part - not knowing. Keep trying and never give up. Have that fighting instinct!!

Thanks Tanishq for your time and we wish you all the best for your CA Finals and hope that we will interact again when you score rank in CA Final.

Hopefully, thank you very much!!

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