Meet the Toppers - CA Final & CPT


What it takes to be at the Top? The best answer can only be given by those who have just tasted it ..!!!

On 16th of January, as ICAI released its results for Nov/Dec 2008 CPT and Final Exams we could see members in the forum responding to the facts that it was coming in. Members who cleared the exams were over the top and who were in the merit list just couldn't believe they were there... This was the general reaction ...

But specifically we caught up with Surbhi Aggarwal (CA Final)- 1st Rank holder, Ashish Goyal (CA Final)-18th Rank Holder, Hitesh Kothari (CA Final)- 41st Rank holder, Aayush Ajit Jain (CPT-Online)- 1st Rank Holder, Harsh Vardhan Khandelwal (CPT-Online)- 2nd Rank Holder and Rounak Nimesh Shah (CPT-Online)- 3rd Rank Holder

CA Final -1st Rank Holder.
Surbhi Aggarwal- A CAclubindia member

imgWhile we were interviewing Surbhi one thing we could easily make out was that, its not just about studying hard but a lot more about confidence and maturity of handling things.. But where do we interview her, where to trace her this weekend after the fabulous achievement of hers...Surprisingly, we found her in PWC, Delhi where she is completing her articleship at present. So you all know it's not easy to be a CA, and why its not easy you know now!! Because even after you are a CA you need to go on and on and on with all the hard work and dedication.

An All India 7th Rank Holder in PE-I and 15th rank holder in PE-II was this kind of result expected by her in Final too... She'll tell us all about that...

While speaking to us Surbhi with lot of excitement in her voice said "I am feeling great today. I can just say that you need to put all your efforts for this to happen. I never believed in just theoretical studies and therefore was very particular regarding my articleship (practical training). My preparation period ran to 100 days that is approx 3 months. Before that I had taken classes in Delhi for subjects like Accountancy, Direct Taxes, Indirect Taxes and MAFA. I made it a point to finish my coaching 6 months before the exams were scheduled. I could never find time to come and revise what I have learnt in the classes. But at the same time I was much focused that I need to attend each class without any fail and so I did...I planned my classes in such a manner that the gap between PE-II and Final exams could be well utilized and I could be in constant touch with the subjects."

"As I started with my preparations around fifteen days went really well I met all targets/goals but later I had fallen ill. At that point of time I was really depressed and my confidence was very low but one of my friends made me understand the situation and also boosted my confidence up. I could never take up more than two subjects at a time so I picked up accountancy as it is easier to start with. I felt I didn't give my 100% and so had started concluding things like I might just not clear the exams and what not... but no one should give conclusions like this... give some time before making conclusions. I suggest the students to study the subjects not with the intention to mug up things but to gain knowledge. Given that we have eight subjects you cannot cramp all of them so the best way out is to understand, comprehend and revise it again and again so that it settles deep into your sub-conscious mind."

And when we asked her what's next - CAT Nov'09 she said "I need a break from studies at least for sometime".

Well we all know now she deserves it all!!!!!

CA Final - 18th Rank Holder
Ashish Goyal- A CAclubindia member.

imgAshish, well we couldn't trace him but when we left a private message for him on the site he responded and said "Hello" and shared few tips with us:

"I am really delighted on getting All India 18th Rank in CA Final...But this is not the first time for me..I had achieved 25th Rank in CA PE-II, 12th Rank in CS Final and 16th Rank in CS Inter as well.... I would give credit of my success to my teachers whose guidance helped me to reach such a level... And I would also thank my family and friends for their support... For all those students who are pursuing CA, I would just like to give one suggestion that "whatever you study just enjoy the subject"...never take it as a burden... dedication and hard work are the keys to success...Always start studying from the very first day you get registered and never leave it till the last few months before exams...Keep yourself updated with latest changes happening in this corporate environment. Give equal stress on all the papers.. After all each of the papers carry 100 marks...Take Mock Tests before exams...Just focus on your goal and have self belief... !!! Remember this quote: "I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the luckier I get...." - Thomas Jefferson Wish you all the very Best for your future..."

CA Final - 41st Rank Holder.
Hitesh Kothari- A CAclubindia member.

imgJust about 21 years old, he is a young Chartered Accountant, already feeling responsible for the economy of the country as being now a part of ICAI.

We got to talk to him when he said "I am very happy on acquiring this degree at a very young age. I am still doing articleship in Thane which I'll be completing very soon and thereafter will be joining job with some audit firm. Mostly I'll be joining MBA after a years' break. I had taken coaching classes which has helped me in my preparations. This is a result of continuous effort, hard work and dedication of 4 months, also CAclubindia has proven to be of great help, specially the share files section."

He was enjoying this achievement with his friends and was glad to share few minutes with us.

CA Final-47th Rank Holder
Jaydeep Bhowal – A CAclubindia member

img"CA is one of the toughest course ,as we all know .To pass the Final Exam in 1st attempt is really a big achievement . I did not expect that I will secure a rank , but when the results were announced my joy knew no bounds. But it was not a cake walk for me. I really worked hard to achieve this success .Before 6 month of Exam, I was very nervous . I have taken coaching only for Cost Management and a 15 days Taxes & Indirect Taxes with my friends . I also received sincere guidance from my principal where I am doing my articleship."

"From my personal experience, I can say that most important thing while preparing for the examination is proper planning for every paper . One must be aware of his strong areas as well as the weeks . First one should try to improve the weak areas then develop the strong ones . Our Institute study material is very useful especially Audit, Cost Management, MICS ,But I thing more practical problems should be incorporated in our Study Material for MAFA & Accounts."

During the exam days, I do not panic and get nervous, even if one paper does not go well as per your expectation ,give the rest of the papers with full confidence . You will surely succeed.

CPT Online-1st Rank Holder
Aayush Ajit Jain

imgWhen we were interviewing Aayush, we could see in him the gen-next CA, confident, open to new ideas, believes in change and above all feels responsible being a part of ICAI.

"I was a science student but shifted to commerce after 12th standard. I had an advantage in maths over other students since I had covered a lot in 12th standard but had to join coaching for accountancy and economics. My dad also helped me throughout as he is also a Chartered Accountant. He's been a source of inspiration throughout. I had appeared for mock tests also which had helped me a lot. An online exam is a new concept in CA but I am of the opinion that it is much easier to appear for, systematic and a very refreshing change. I did not for once felt that I was appearing an exam just because the atmosphere was so cool and calm...."

"I am very proud to be now associated with ICAI and will do everything required to bring positive change in the fraternity. I know the case of Satyam has actually got lot of questions for the auditors but at the same time I'm sure we'll not have any such examples in future and we'll be able to resolve the current issue also with lot of expertise and patience."

We too are very proud to have you as a new and a very bright entrant in the CA fraternity, Aayush.. Best wishes from all of us for your future..

CPT Online-2nd Rank Holder
Harsh Vardhan Khandelwal

imgHarsh looked like someone who wants a challenge for himself every now and then.. he was very well versed with the CA fraternity as his uncle is also a CA. He wanted to appear for June'08 CPT exams but could not appear the same due to his ill health.

"Since the time I understood what career means I've been wanting to do this course and that is the reason of joining it. I was told by my friends that its risky to appear for Online CPT exams as it was happening for the first time but I had other issues also to tackle. I had my college (St. Xavier's)exams from 14th Dec, '08 and I didn't wanted to spoil either of them and so I went ahead for CPT Online exams. I really liked the concept of online exams see for case I missed a question while I'm giving my exam in pen and paper I'll may be realize it only after my exams are over. But in case of online exams the system gives you a warning that a particular question is not answered, so if u want to answer it you can go back else exit. The environment is also friendly also the institute were exams are conducted are equipped with latest technology."

He became very emotional when he said all this was only possible because of the immense support of his parents.

CPT Online- 3rd Rank Holder
Rounak Nimesh Shah

imgWell for him we can say a very honest guy, he did not put up anything fake nor did he show a mark of over exertion to portray something different of himself to the rest of the world.

"This was the first time CPT online exams were conducted and the format was pretty good. There was no lagging in any aspect; the centre was well equipped and everything was in place. Though the students were a bit apprehensive about this format but at large there are lot of advantages over writing exams in pen and paper. I was a Science student till my 12th standard and thereafter I am pursuing Law in Mumbai itself. I did take some guidance for accounts as it was completely new to me but rest of the subjects I studied myself. The most important thing is to get the basics correct. The questions in CPT are more conceptual and based on principles therefore it's not necessary to go through many books even CA modules by ICAI are enough to prepare yourself. Infact, problems in accounts module of ICAI are quite interesting and sufficient to clear one's concept. I appeared only 160 marks paper as I was not prepared well for statistics but rest whatever I knew I appeared and was very thorough."

"As for Satyam's case ICAI should get in more regulations to make auditing more effective and less prone to such misstatements. I surely believe in bringing change rather following what is already set, whether right or wrong."

Interviewing the toppers was a great experience as we felt that there's a revolution right ahead of us. The dynamism they showed was immensely attractive and we look forward to see them bringing changes in the fraternity and in the society at large.