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Hitting the Merit list of CA IPC, November 2015


3rd Rank Holder (CA IPC- 2015)

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CA IPC exam results have released and we are once again glad to bring to you their success stories. It surely motivates everyone!

Meet Ayushi who hails from Delhi, All India 3rd rank holder of CA IPC Nov 2015. Ayushi credits her success to her mother and her source of inspiration is her Father. Ayushi is a very hardworking and disciplined girl who loves listening to music and reading books. She is all set and confident for CA final, let us find out what her strategy was & how she has achieved this success:

Hello Ayushi, first of all many congratulations to you from the whole team of CAclubindia and our members!

Thank you Sir!

So, how are you feeling now?

I am feeling really excited and can’t express this in words.

What was your initial reaction when you got to know about your result?

I checked the merit list and was surprised to find that I secured the 3rd rank. It was like “Oh my god! I got third rank.” Initially, I couldn’t believe it but later I checked it thoroughly and was happy to get this rank which I wasn’t expecting at all. I shared this news with my mom and she was equally surprised and happy. I also called my sister who was in her office and informed her about the result. She was also equally shocked (She herself is a CA).

Who guided you in this whole journey and whom would you like to thank?

My father was a very big motivator. He used to motivate me everyday. Even my elder sister is a Chartered Accountant and she guided me throughout this journey. I used to take tips from her and of course I would like to thank all my teachers who helped me in achieving this mark.

Did your sister score rank when she was doing CA?

No, she didn’t. Actually, she appeared for both the groups in IPCC separately, otherwise her score is more than me. She scored equally good rank. Her score was 537. So, if she would have appeared for both the groups together, she would have got a rank. She is very proud of me.

Can you describe your time table and schedule plan with us so that your juniors can get help from you?

I took 15 months. I had appeared for June’14 CPT exams so I had 15 months and I am a college student. I started taking 2-3 classes at a time and during my regular classes’ time, I never used to miss the class and I was very punctual. I was the first one to get into the class, I used to leave when the teacher leaves, I was very attentive and used to listen carefully everything what the teacher was saying and teaching, I always completed my homework and if any teacher is conducting any test I used to take all the tests. Then, during the last 5 and half months, I started self- study. Before that, all the classes were going on so, during that self study time, during the initial 4 months, I studied around 10 to 12 hours a day along with my morning classes and then in the last month, I studied for around 15 to 16 hours. I had undergone 3 complete revisions and one revision for the subject, I wanted to do like – IT and SM and I did the homework as well.

What is the most important thing that one should keep in mind during the exam?

All I can say is – never think something is important and something is not because you never know how the paper comes. I remember in my CAFM paper, there was no question from all those topics which students think were important and all the questions were set from the topic which students thought are less important. So, you can never leave any topic thinking it is important or not. So, all I can say is – never leave any topic, just give it a try and read so that you may know something or the other. And there should be reason learning in CA, there is no rule, learning everything in CA has a reason. You should go through everything that you have studied.

Many a times, students don’t actually focus on the study material. so, what importance will you give to the institutes study material and mock test papers?

Yes, practice manuals are must for every subject. First do what you are doing in the coaching material you have, you should follow the coaching material but after that practice manual and study material for certain subjects if you want. You should always give it a read. There are certain things which are not in the coaching material book. So, all I can say – I had time of practice manual for every subject. It compliments your studies.At least, I had read and was sure that I knew these points. I knew what the institute wants us to read. If I can do it, then it’s not difficult for others too. I had done 2 RTPS – May and November and had also gone through the mock test papers. Everything as a whole needs to be covered.

What tips will you suggest so that the students can write what the examiner wants; as sometimes, they lack in presenting their answers properly?

In our class, we used to write answers with full presentation like- do not leave unnecessary spaces, do not try to fool the examiner, and do not make stories. There is no point in making stories. You don’t even have the time of making stories – the paper is so lengthy, completing the paper and then making stories make no sense and unnecessary cutting should be avoided. Also, there should be appropriate spacing between your answers. You should leave as much space as you want but make your work as beautiful as you can. Also, you can underline the important points and start a fresh question from a fresh page. You should mark properly which question you are doing. Sometimes, people forget to do that. And most importantly divide your three hours properly so that you can attempt all the questions in good amd clean handwriting.

So, basically, you should help the examiner in checking your answersheet with ease.

Yes, exactly, you should go with the examiner and not against him, like underlining the answers – the important points, numbering the answers properly, writing all the points and heading clearly and underlining the important lines/points so that they get highlighted.

CA students undergo a lot of pressure, so what should a student do to cope up with that pressure?

One should never be nervous. I used to talk to my parents or used to come out of my room, close my books or just relax. My strategy was that – I had to do this, and relax a bit. Just manage yourself and don’t take too much stress, just do it when you have time. Also properly manage yourself and discipline is very important.

So, you had your whole plan ready with the time table?

Yes, I had a written plan, I had a complete note book for a written plan, day-by-day, like everyday what I have to do.

And if you do that, certainly you are clear where you stand. It actually helps you to cope up with the stress.

Yes. Like, when I started my self-study, day one before starting, I had made a flexible plan. I had some days off in between so that I can manage things. You may never know how the circumstances turn out. So, time-table and written plan had helped me a lot.

What would be your strategy for the articleship?

Right now, I am in college so, I have more than a year for articleship. I want to go into indirect tax and now I am aiming fo Big 4 as well and I am sure I will get there.

You are going to which college?

Indraprastha College, Civil Lines In Delhi.

Apart from studies, what are your hobbies?

I like music. Sometimes, when I used to study, music used to go on. I know it distracts, but for me, I used to listen to music a lot.I read as well, I read a lot.

Ayushi, any message for our CAclubindia members?

All I want to say is – do hard work a lot of hardwork. You should not do anything which will cost you failure. So, if you are doing something wrong, then try to correct it at the same time. Don’t be nervous for exams as your nervousness can spoil your exam.

Are you a member of CAclubindia?

Yes, today, only I have registered (Smiles) but yes I was following CCI’s facebook page.

Did you get any help from CAclubindia?

Yes, I referred to the interviews which are very motivational. Infact, I have gone through Tanu Garg’s interview – May’ 15 topper.

Now other students will read your interview and get inspired.


Also, we would request you to contribute articles and in forum to guide others and share your knowledge with the community which makes CAclubindia what it is.

I will look forward to that Sir.

Once again many congratulations Ayushi, and we wish you all the best for your CA Finals and hope we will be interacting again when you get a rank in CA Finals.!

Thank you very much sir!(Smiles)

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