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CA Inter Financial Management and Economics for Finance by CMA Chander Dureja

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Financial Management and Economics for Finance by CMA Chander Dureja, Globalization and the emergence of e-commerce have necessitated the evolution of financial instruments. We are increasingly moving closer to a cashless economy. In such a changing environment, the Financial Management and Economics for Finance paper becomes crucial. This paper is divided into two sections. The first section deals with Financial Management's concepts, role, purpose, finance sources, and management of working capital. It also introduces financial management through the calculation and interpretation of ratios. The paper's scope also extends to financing, capital investment and dividend decisions, and management of working capital.

The second section pertains to Economics for Finance. It acquaints the students with determining national income, theories of money demand and supply, monetary policy, fiscal policies, and international trade. Thus, the section helps to understand the concepts and theories of economics in the context of finance and acquire the ability to address application-oriented issues.

Financial Management and Economics for Finance Topics

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