Strategic Financial Management (CA-Final)

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CA D. G. Sharma

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Strategic Financial Management by CA D. G. Sharma (Code #278)

Topic Name Faculty Topic Length

  • Self Introduction by faculty, comment on course and study approach etc.
  • SFM explained in brief
CA D. G. Sharma 113 mins
Capital Budgeting

  • Capital budgeting explained in brief.
  • Net Present Value (NPV): Covering Tax saving Vs Carry forward of loss, Cost saving manual to mechanized alternatives, Incremental differential approach, Replacement of machine, replacement cycle
  • Different life of Machine- Present value of cash flow method, Common minimum life method
  • Capital Rationing when projects are divisible and when indivisible.
  • IRR, IRR Vs MIRR, IRR Vs NPV- selection when contradictory results, Project IRR, Equity IRR, Trading on Equity
  • Risk & Uncertainty in Capital budgeting: Risk adjusted discount rate, Standard deviation, Beta, CAPM, Certainty Equivalent, Sensitivity analysis, Scenerio analysis, Simulation, Probability, Expected NPV
  • APV (Adjusted Present Value)
  • Effect of Inflation on Capital budgeting
  • Accounting Rate of Return, Payback, Discounted Payback, Payback Reciprocal.
CA D. G. Sharma 914 mins

  • Introduction of lease,
  • Lessor & Lessee for both, Loan vs. Lease covering Equated installment, calculation of lease rental, Repayment of loan from beginning, different lease term
  • Purchase vs. lease
  • All method: Loan vs. lease, Bower herringer method, Net Advantage (NPV) of lease, IRR of lease.
CA D. G. Sharma 356 mins
Dividend Policy

  • Dividend policy explained
  • Optimum Payout as per Walter’s Model, Gordon’s Growth Model
  • Calculation of growth, negative growth, varying growth rate, constant growth to perpetuity, Cost of equity, Valuation of rights & its effect on shareholders wealth.
  • Effect of buy back on share price & EPS
  • MM theory of Irrelevance of Dividend policy.
CA D. G. Sharma 329 mins
Merger, Acquisition & Restructuring

  • Exchange ratio based on Market Price, EPS, Book value (intrinsic value) and its effect, Weighted average Book value, MV & EPS based exchange ratio.
  • Valuation of business by discounting Cash flows, infinite period cash flow
  • Valuation of shares, geared equity beta, ungeared equity beta and its formula
  • Problems involving Factoring, Commercial paper, Convertible preference shares, Interest coverage ratio, Economic Value Added (EVA), Demerger, Internal reconstruction.
CA D. G. Sharma 519 mins
Mutual Fund

  • Return on Mutual Fund- Dividend plan, Re-investment plan, Bonus plan
  • Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation
  • Evaluation of performance of MF- Sharpe’s Ratio, Treynor Ratio etc.
CA D. G. Sharma 179 mins
Bond Valuation

  • Bond valuation and various terms explained
  • Problems involving Valuation of Bond, Yield, Market Value, Duration, Coupan rate
  • Yield structure & Forward rate
  • Interest & Principle component in value of bond, conversion premium, Foreign currency bond
  • Immunization of Bond explained with example.
CA D. G. Sharma 372 mins
Some Statistical Techniques

  • Explanation on statistical technique
  • Calculation explained with help of problems: Expected value, Standard Deviation, , Co-efficient of variation, Co-relation, Standard deviation of NPV by Hilliery’s Model
  • Probability of occurrence using Normal distribution curve
  • Decision tree using conditional probability, start or wait Options, abandonment option
CA D. G. Sharma 288 mins
Portfolio Management

  • Explanation on portfolio management
  • Problems on Calculation of Expected return of portfolio by CAPM, Beta, Standard deviation of security return, Variance, Co-variance, Co-relation,.
  • Calculation of beta in different circumstances, systematic risk, unsystematic risk, geared equity beta, ungeared equity beta,
  • Problems involving Rebalancing of portfolio, Arbitrage pricing theory, Fair price of share, Dividend growth model, NPV, reduction of risk of portfolio etc.
  • Explanation on Unbiased estimator, Dow Jones theory, Efficient Market hypothesis, Security Market Line (SML), Characteristic line, Markowitz Mean Variance model, Sharpe’s Optimal portfolio etc.
CA D. G. Sharma 535 mins

  • Explanation on derivatives
  • Problems on calculation of Payoff of Call & Put option, Strangle, Straddle for writer & holder.
  • Valuation of Call & Put option & Arbitrage transactions: Cost of carry model, Risk neutral method, Binomial model, Replicating portfolio, Black & Schole formula, Delta, Gama, Vega, Theta, RHO, Real option, call-put parity.
  • Valuation of Forward & Arbitrage transaction
  • Hedging by Forward, Future, Option, Index future etc.
  • Problems on Interest rate swap, Decision tree,
CA D. G. Sharma 673 mins
Foreign Exchange Risk Management

  • Explanation on foreign exchange rate, spot rate, forward rate, cross currency rate
  • Foreign currency borrowing vs. suppliers credit, Foreign currency borrowing vs. Rupee borrowing, Normal credit vs. extended credit, Forward cover vs. open position
  • Calculation of forward rate, premium point, discount point, swap point, Forward contract cancellation, extention etc.
  • Hedging & Arbitrage by Forward, Future, Option, Money market hedge, Lead vs. lag,
  • Problems on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), Interest Rate Parity (IRP), Forward Rate Agreement (FRA), Interest swap, Currency swap
  • Capital budgeting in Foreign project, effect of inflation
  • Valuation of call & put by Binomial model & by Bigger & Hull
  • Nostro Account & Currency position.
CA D. G. Sharma 731 mins

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