Cost accounting and financial Management (CA-IPCC)

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CA Raj K Agrawal

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Cost accounting and financial Management by CA Raj K Agrawal (Code #125)

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Cost Accounting (Rs. 4099.00)

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Introduction to Cost Accounting
  • Objectives and scope of Cost Accounting
  • Cost centres and Cost units
  • Cost classification for stock valuation
  • Elements of Cost
  • Cost behaviour pattern
CA Raj K Agrawal  
Cost Ascertainment
Material Cost
  • Procurement procedure
  • Stock verification
  • Techniques of fixing of minimum, maximum and reorder levels
  • Economic Order Quantity
  • ABC classification
  • Stocktaking and perpetual inventory
  • Inventory accounting
CA Raj K Agrawal  
Employee Cost
  • Overtime
  • Idle time
  • Labour turnover
  • Utilization of labour, Direct and indirect labour, Charging of labour cost
  • Efficiency rating procedures
  • Remuneration systems and incentive schemes
CA Raj K Agrawal  
Direct Expenses CA Raj K Agrawal  
  • Factory, Administration, Selling, Distribution, Research and Development
  • Behavioral analysis - Fixed, Variable, Semi variable and Step cost
  • Factory Overheads - Primary distribution and secondary distribution
  • Criteria for choosing suitable basis for allotment
  • Fixed absorption rates for absorbing overheads to products or services
  • Administration overheads - Method of allocation to cost centres or products
  • Selling and distribution overheads - Analysis and absorption of the expenses in products/customers
CA Raj K Agrawal  
Cost Book-keeping
  • Cost Ledgers-Non- integrated accounts, Integrated accounts
  • Reconciliation of cost and financial accounts.
CA Raj K Agrawal  
Costing Systems

Job Costing
  • Job cost cards and databases, collecting direct costs of each job, Attributing overhead costs, Application of job costing

Batch Costing

Contract Costing
  • Progress payments, Retention money, Escalation clause, Contract accounts, Accounting for material, Accounting for plant used in a contract, Contract profit and Balance sheet entries.

Process Costing
  • Double entry book keeping, Process loss, Abnormal gains and losses, Equivalent units, Inter-process profit, Joint products and by products.

Operating Costing System

CA Raj K Agrawal  
Introduction to Marginal Costing
  • Marginal costing compared with absorption costing, Contribution, Breakeven analysis and profit volume graph.
CA Raj K Agrawal  
Introduction to Standard Costing
  • Various types of standards, Setting of standards, Basic concepts of material and Labour standards and variance analysis.
CA Raj K Agrawal  
Budget and Budgetary Control
  • The budget manual, preparation and monitoring procedures, budget variances, flexible budget, preparation of functional budget for operating and non operating functions, cash budget, master budget, principal budget factors
CA Raj K Agrawal  

Financial Management (Rs. 3599.00)

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Scope and Objectives of Financial Management
  • Meaning, Importance and Objectives
  • Conflicts in profit versus value maximization principle
  • Role of Chief Financial Officer
CA Raj K Agrawal  
Time Value of Money
  • Compounding and Discounting techniques - Concepts of Annuity and Perpetuity
CA Raj K Agrawal  
Financial Analysis and Planning
  • Ratio Analysis for performance evaluation and financial health
  • Application of Ratio Analysis in decision making
  • Analysis of Cash Flow Statement
CA Raj K Agrawal  
Financing Decisions
  • Cost of Capital - Weighted average cost of capital and Marginal cost of capital
  • Capital Structure decisions - Capital structure patterns, Designing optimum capital structure, Constraints, Various capital structure theories
  • Business Risk and Financial Risk - Operating and financial leverage, Trading on Equity
CA Raj K Agrawal  
Types of Financing
  • Different sources of finance
  • Project financing - Intermediate and long term financing
  • Negotiating term loans with banks and financial institutions and appraisal thereof
  • Introduction to lease financing
  • Venture capital finance
CA Raj K Agrawal  
Investment Decisions
  • Purpose, Objective, Process
  • Understanding different types of projects
  • Techniques of Decision making: Non-discounted and Discounted Cash flow Approaches - Payback Period method, Accounting Rate of Return, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Modified Internal Rate of Return, Discounted Payback Period and Profitability Index
  • Ranking of competing projects, Ranking of projects with unequal lives
CA Raj K Agrawal  
Management of Working Capital
  • Working capital policies
  • Funds flow analysis
  • Receivables management
  • Management of cash and marketable securities
  • Financing of working capital
CA Raj K Agrawal  

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