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Experts Query Daily Digest : 28 August 2015
Posted by : Ekta gupta
Posted On : 8/28/2015 12:07:12 AM
Depreciation schedule ii
Please guide on how to calculate depreciation as per schedule II for f/y 2014-15.
Income Tax

Posted by : Anonymous
Posted On : 8/28/2015 6:11:07 AM
Gpf deduction in the year of retirement
If a central government employee has deposited GPF for 3 months during a financial year and he retires in the same year, can he claim the deduction for the same even though he won't have a GPF A/c at the end of financial year?
Posted by : sai sindura
Posted On : 8/28/2015 5:56:35 AM
Password of efiling
I have choosen the option of forgot password under opt pins and it was activated but when i am trying to login in it shows wrong userid or password. I again choose the option of forgot password under opt pins it says it has been reset with the same details. Now how to overcome please help its very urgent

Posted by : jeet gandhi
Posted On : 8/28/2015 3:04:59 AM
Tds refund
I had not not filed itr for ay 2009-2010 to 2013-2014 and in these years I had been deducted tds. can I get refund of it? if yes then what reasons to be given to concerned officer and what will be the proforma of that application. . please help me...

Posted by : Anonymous
Posted On : 8/28/2015 1:35:57 AM
Moved to singapore in dec, salary incomes taxed as resident
I used to work in India till 1/12/2014 for a company which is an India Subsidiary of a US MNC.
1.I relocated to Singapore and currently work for the Singapore Subsidiary of the same US MNC and live in Singapore, starting 2/12/2014.
2.Since, Singapore has the financial year between Jan to Dec, I filed taxes in Singapore for Dec 2014 and will be filing for Jan-Dec 2015 as per Singapore tax laws.
3.I am being assessed as Tax Resident of Singapore after qualifying under the category 'At least 183 days for a continuous period over two years' as given here

1. Being a tax residents for both India and Singapore, do I need to declare Singapore Salary in the Indian tax returns?
2. If yes, what is the tax liability for Singapore Salary in India tax?
3. Which ITR form I will have to use?
3. If it is ITR-2, Where in ITR-2 will I declare my Singapore salary income which was taxed in Singapore also.

Posted by : Vaibhav Kotak
Posted On : 8/28/2015 1:35:16 AM
Itr 4s can be used for commission income?
Assessee is filing ITR 4S for Businees Income using Nature of Business Code:Trading -Others (0204). Apart from this income assesse also received commission income from Pvt. Co. for bringing sales orders and accordingly TDS is also deducted. Business income is mainly in cash and the same is deposited in Bank.

My Question is Can I include this commission income in Total turn over for Presumptive Income(Business) showing only 8% profit or It should be shown under Income from other source.
Posted by : pankaj
Posted On : 8/28/2015 1:32:09 AM
How to fill schedule fa
I left USA in 2012 but I have one bank account which gets some amount from google adsense. Do I need to declare this account in schedule FA and if yes, what all I need to fill in that form. I didn't understand schedule where offered and item no of schedule (point 11 and 12).

Posted by : Anonymous
Posted On : 8/28/2015 12:41:01 AM
Short term capital gains taxable under it act
Mr Y is NRI and Individual having income for the AY 2015-16 as follows:

Income from Short Term Capital Gains from Shares INR 145,000
Income from Other Sources INR 6,000

Total Income INR 151,000

Deduction 80 C INR 120,000

Whether any taxable income arise. Whether to file Return of Income

Please advice.


Posted by : Anonymous
Posted On : 8/28/2015 12:36:51 AM
Short term capital gains taxable under it act
X is NRI an Indivial. His income is given below.

House Property INR 50,000
Short Term Capital Gains INR 150,000
Income from Other Sources INR 160,000

Total Income INR 360,000

Deduction as follows:
80 C INR 130,000
80 TTA INR 9,000

Wants know the Taxable Income for AY2015-16

Appreciate your quick reply

Posted by : Divya Bansal
Posted On : 8/28/2015 12:07:32 AM
Amendment applicable for nov 15 exam of ipcc
what are the amendments in tax applicable for nov 15 exam of ipcc. pls somebody help and provide me its notes

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