Venkatesh Dangeti

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Can a pvt ltd company pay monthly remuneration( other than sitting fee) to its ordinary directors when the company is in losses?


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20 July 2017 at 15:36

Change in name of company

Hi Experts,

Can you'll help me that in case of change in name of a Company till how many years we shall write (Formerly known as XYZ Private Limited) in books of accounts as well as disclosure in board report or audit report?

priya shah

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Dear Sir,
Kindly Clear my doubt whether the pvt ltd companies has to file the resolution in MGT-14 if they are giving remuneration to its directors. What are the conditions on which they have to file the resolution. If the Company is having Profits still they are showing the Remuneration as Payable so, in this condition also we have to file MGT-14 or not. Kindly please solve the query as its very urgent.


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Can a company give loan to an individual against mortgage of an Immovable Property though it is not a normal business activity of the company?


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19 July 2017 at 10:28

Increase of auth capital

Hello Sir,
I have to increase Auth capital of a Pvt Co.
In that company out of 5 shareholders, two is foreign shareholders.
My query is,,, Is there any additional requirement apart from sending notice of egm to every members for increase in auth capital.

Srinivasulu koduri

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when cs sign is required for MGT-7 while filling the annual filing

Venkatesh Dangeti

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18 July 2017 at 21:42

Auditors' appointment

Suppose my firm was appointed by BOD as first auditor
Now, Whether we eligible for re-appointment for 5 years or 4 years?


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We are a company registered in Bareilly, UP.

We currently have 3 Directors, all 3 have the necessary DSC and DIN.

We are planning to add two more members to the Board of Directors.

1. Do the two new members Need DSC and DIN?
2. Do the others forms like DIR3, DIR12 need to be filled up?

harshit raghuwanshi

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what if

A person was re-inducted as an Additional Director in July 2013 but was not regularized as director in the AGM held in 2013. he signed Financial Statement as Director of the company for the year 2014 - 2015. he also signed Income Tax Return of the Company for these years.

Whether his work is valid as per Section 176 of companies act, 2013

Priti Modi

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17 July 2017 at 14:45

Section 185 of companies act, 2013

Is the exemption notification (G.S.R.464 (E) dated 05 June 2015) on private companies as specified in Section 185 of Companies Act, 2013 notified and applicable on Companies?

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