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I upload Spice forms INC-32 , e MOA and e AOA for incorporating Private Limited Company with PAN TAN forms. But the status showing like Pending for issuance of PAN and TAN. May I know how much time taken to issue the same.


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Please provide me the word document of AOA as per companies Act 2013 i.e Table F.

Arun Soni

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25 May 2017 at 11:26


I am forming a company for a client to be registered in Mumbai.
He is right now in jaipur.
Can I get his INC-9 i.e affidavit in jaipur on rajasthan stam paper?


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I am working as cs in NBFC-MFI- MBP-1 TO BE RECEIVED AT 1st BM in F/Y. from the directors of Board as per 184 of CA 2013, for disclosure of interest. The chairman of board is holding director ship /member, trustee /president/ principal/ club member in CHRUCH / EDUCATIONAL /SOCIETY/ Institution IN other trust including non trading orgn. pl. enlighten me to disclose whether all details of interest to be included in MBP-1 ? (including other than companies)

s.sridharan.cs M :9442679110


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Dear Members,
Please let me know whether the resolution of Board of Directors to increase the total managerial remuneration (in excess of 11 % of the Net profit) payable to all directors can be passed by circulation or it is mandatory to pass it at a Board Meeting?
Please suggest.


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23 May 2017 at 23:16

resignation of auditors

ADT 1 is required to file in resignation of auditor in public co and is it required to file MGT 14 .plz suggest

Hirva Joshi

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23 May 2017 at 21:24

regarding DIN and PAN number

how can i know DIN number from PAN number and vice versa

Nandita A

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23 May 2017 at 15:32

Share application money receivable

i would like to know if there is any time limit on receipt of share application money from subscribers, as in, any max. time period within which subscribers must pay share app.money once Co. is incorporated?? kindly advise.


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I have obtained the licence under section 8, but while filling the form INC-7 it gives us the message that please fill valid SRN for INC-1 (as the INC-1 SRN has expired the period of Sixty Days). Now my question is what are the options available to us when the period given after approval of INC-1 i.e. 60 Days has expired or how to proceed further ?


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22 May 2017 at 15:50

Private company accepting money.

A private is engaged in west water treatment. company wants to take money from their proposed clients in form of nonrefundable deposit and issue them membership certificate. and then after they will serve only to the member on a chargeable basis.
The members will only be member and not shareholder.
My question is
1. Can Private company take such nonrefundable money in any form ?
2. Can Public company do the same?

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