29 April 2017 at 19:49

Investment in manufacturing sector

I want to create a manufacturer business.

Question is under what section it be register.i.e company or cooperative society, trust,NGO for the benefit of taxation and taken benifit from gov.

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29 April 2017 at 19:23

Appointment of directors

Dear Sir/Ma'am

A Company appointed to two Directors on 21-07-2001. But Did not file any form to ROC. Now(on 29th April 2017) Company wants to file form. Please Guide me.

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29 April 2017 at 16:34

Power of attorney


M/s X Pvt Ltd , is into share trading. X also borrows, working capital, to purchase shares.

M/s Y, a limited company is an NBFC and into financing of loan against shares and also loan to purchase shares.


There was one loan agreement between X and Y, for a specific amount, valid for a period of one year, which got expired and never renewed .Such loan agreement had a requirement of execution of a PoA in favour of Y. Being the nature of loan was of working capital, loan amount used to vary on daily basis. There was no straight forward loan against say A shares for a finance of B amount.

M/s X has given sole and exclusive PoA to M/s Y to operate the demat account, to sell and purchase shares and bank account to make payment and receive payment and to do all acts have all rights, possible envisaged and available.

M/s Y invoked arbitration proceedings against M/s X, for recovering the loan, M/s X has completed the cross examination of Y and cross of X is yet to start.

During the course of cross examination it is revealed that :-


M/s Y, as a PoA of X, within the rights accrued under one of the clauses of PoA , used to transfer all shares to itself, as conclusive and beneficial owners and enjoy all rights therefore M/s X didn’t enjoy any rights on those shares. It is very pertinent to note that there was no specific need or mention or requirement be it under PoA or Loan Agreement..However it was more a matter of practice by lender to overly secure themselves.

M/s X could get the shares back to its demat account, (which was anyway under PoA,) only against payment equivalent to the then prevailing market price, however this was an informal understanding and matter of practice, therefore untill Y received money equivalent to prevailing market price, ownership of shares remained and belong to Y, as a matter of practice.

The books of accounts of X reflected an "A" amount payable to Y and shown all shares as its own, under its name, which now appears to actually incorrect.

No pledge or mortgaged or change was neither marked by M/s Y nor M/s X, against those shares nor their is any pledge agreement between M/s X and M/s Y, pertaining to pledge of any shares. Nor there is any document to show that shares would be parked in the name of Y


A) Does this transfer of title and ownership would be considered as sell by M/s X to M/s Y, as M/s X always considered those shares as pledged but lying in their own account and M/s Y hold the PoA. Of such account.

B) Does the transfer of title of ownership back to X by Y, against receipt of money be considered as purchase by X or sell by Y to X.

C) Since this fact has to come light now, during arbitration proceedings. Can M/s X change the pleadings, at this stage of arbitration.

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29 April 2017 at 14:53

Mca name withdrawal

can we withdraw name Reservation in MCA ,which was approved before 60 days?

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29 April 2017 at 12:55

Merger and acquisitions

May possible to merge a foreign LLP with Indian private company and start the bussiness as Indian LLP . if possible then How and please suggest the act governing this case..

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One director is appointed on 27.02.2017 & DIR-12 filed with board meeting shown on 27.02.2017. Another director gives his resignation on 10.03.2017. Can another board meeting be called at such short notice to do the formalities, if not then how to go about it. Pl. guide

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Dear Experts

Can you please confirm the applicability of Certificate of Commencement of Business (COB) for a Public Company which was converted from a Private Company in May-2015? As per my understanding of the law, the COB Requirements are not applicable for a Public company which was converted from Private Company.

Please guide me on this with relevant extracts of the law or any rule. Prompt reply will be appreciated.

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Can anyone please send me the Format of Statement of Accounts for comapany closure under new scheme applied from December 2016 under companies act 2013 as early as possible.

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27 April 2017 at 12:28


Dear Experts,

What all points needs to be included in Board Meeting Minutes Which is held just before the A.G.M? & As per new Act is it approval of auditors Report or Noting Of Auditors Report?

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27 April 2017 at 11:55

Share trading by a pvt ltd company

a pvt ltd. company regd. under companies act is doing business of construction as per MOA. But now it want to use its fund and start the business of share trading in stock market . Can it do so ??
Or only NBFC is eligible for it ?? Please suggest
Thanks in advance

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