Perception is the only thing what matters in life. Many times in life we want something which is in front of us but those all remain in dark light because we are unable to perceive it in true sense. Rather I must say we don’t try and dare to take some risky steps towards our dream goal and keep waiting for it until it is within our comfort zone. But remember one thing always that anything achieved in our comfort zone is never worth of success we want.


World is what we see and that opinion of ours is called perception. We look positive everywhere and look for opportunities in everything, we perceive positive and opposite of it is a pure blunder. Some ingredients attached to the philosophy of perception are perseverance, positive attitude, potential, patience and surprisingly the word “pain”.


Perseverance and positive attitude: Dictionary meaning of perseverance is “Steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose”. And as the dictionary meaning, while keeping our perception positive we also need to stick towards our one goal, one aim, and one dream. To be near perfectionist {since perfection doesn’t exist} you need to stick to one aim only, because multiplicity of thoughts will not give you the any success and fame. Sticking to one course of action always yield result, may it be later but it will be better than best.


Positive attitude is also almost of same branch that of perseverance, but the little difference is while sticking towards one goal is being positive in all sense and all respects. Atleast it helps you keep alive in some downtimes of life which is bound to occur.


Potential: Again one of the most important part of this philosophy is realizing that if you had a dream you had a potential. And the most difficult yet most crucial thing is to realize the same. What usually happens is we are so busy in comparing our competencies with others, we people usually forget our own competence and will power to make dream come true. Every single person is there for a reason and everyone has his/her own talent and own story. But we ignore what lies within us and search out for how we can get what others had.


You can never know what their story is all about but you can always know what our story will be about. So rather than estimating other’s potential, realize your own and move towards success with positive attitude and belief that it is inevitable. Yes “Success is inevitable” but only when you perceive as such.


Jab chahat ho udne ki toh girne se kya darna,

Zindagi jeene ka ho jise shauk usse maut se kya darna,

Bade ya choote ka to koi paimana nahi,

Sapne to sapne hai tutne se kya darna.


All you need to be successful is pain. All you need to get the feeling of achievement and enjoy the taste of success is some real hardcore pain behind it. Without pain it will be like just another task completed on the list. Yes it is bitter true fact that pain has an important role to play in life. Absence of something, hatred of someone, unfulfilled desires, etc creates pain and in turn pain transforms into anger and when taken positively, it gives immense power to dream more and dream bigger and also cause a fire to erupt like volcano. At that time we perform at our best and our only aim is to achieve our dreams at any cost. At that time we do not at all care about people around taking nuisance and negatively. We only focus on target like a bull’s eye.


Again what one has to consider is how one takes it or perceive it. People may take it in positive sense and keep trying and people may take it negatively and break out. We all know the very famous saying “Failures are those who quit”. So this means we should always keep trying in whatever manner we can do to achieve our aims. Sometimes we may get bit slow or off track for the moment but that is completely fine. Refreshed mind works better.


Every problem has two ways.

Another great thought is that problem never finishes. People usually ask “yaar yeh problem kab khatm hogi”? I think that their no such way which eliminates your entire lot of problem except your own perception towards it. How you view anything is a big matter. Either you take it as a blockage or you take it as an opportunity to get better. 


We always have at least two options in front of us. One is to try & solve it. Other is to give excuses and get away. Choose smartly because both are required. Sometimes we had to get away instead of trying but that doesn’t mean we have locked all doors to solution. There might be some options still available with us , may be not appearing the way we are looking or may not be arising at same point of time, but every problem has solution.


Success isn’t by chance, it is by choice.!/beingchartered

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“Being Chartered” Campaign – It’s not tough, it is just different.

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Yes, Perception really matters.yes

But money also do play very crucial role in life.

No Money No Honey.....

Also may i know the reason behind giving your gmail address and facebook link.....

!..Live to Give..!

lets understand by example:

Lets say an event occurs in your life. You have the choice about how your respond to it. Lets say you have a death in the family. (I use this example because of it’s something I’ve been through.)

You can choose to see that event as something terrible and tragic to which you will respond accordingly. Or, you can choose to see that event and something that inspires you to make something more of your life; living every day as if it was the last, so to speak.

You can see that you may or may not have control over the events in your life but you can certainly take control of how to respond to them. That part of life will always be within your power.

This is where life gets interesting because you shape your own reality through your beliefs.

Means its all about chosing your perception accordingly i believe..........


Originally posted by : Pillu

Yes, Perception really matters.

But money also do play very crucial role in life.

No Money No Honey.....

Also may i know the reason behind giving your gmail address and facebook link.....


what reason you get behind it my friend ????


I asked it because cci is being used by different category of students

Some students may not be aware of facebook .etc..

by displaying such link in this site.. students may tempt to get their account opened in facebook ..(especially girl students.....)....which may eat away thier time energy peace of mind....


Ohhh i am really very sorry for those students who can't handle their life and are in eligible to take their own decision.

Further i am sorry for those who are in this CATEGORY {as said by you} who wish toh become professional with such an low self decision making ability.

Please don't take my words to heart. Just an sincere opinion.



U r totally misunderstanding it.

I mean to say that their time (study age) is very important...( it should not be killed in unnecessary sites)

and it doesnot mean that they cant take their own decision in life...


okieee my friend but still i am of other opinion.

and my intention was never that deep as of you has given me............

anyways i'll try to remember this




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