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Corporate and Allied Laws (CA-Final)

CS. Tejpal Sheth (E)

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  • Total Video Duration: 39.75 hours
  • Language : English
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Corporate and Allied Laws by CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) (Code #224)

Topic Name Faculty Topic Length
Introduction CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 15 mins
Accounts and Audit (Companies Act, 2013) CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 183 mins
Dividend (Companies Act, 2013 as well as Companies Act, 1956) CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 55 mins
Inspection and Investigation (Companies Act, 2013 as well as Companies Act, 1956) CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 77 mins
Board Meeting and Powers of Board (Companies Act, 2013) CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 123 mins
Directors (Companies Act, 2013) CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 192 mins
Key Managerial Personal and Managerial Remuneration (Companies Act, 2013) CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 126 mins
Related party transaction and disclosure of interest (Companies Act, 2013) CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 58 mins
Loan and investment (Companies Act, 2013) CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 46 mins
Oppression and Mismanagement (Companies Act, 1956) CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 64 mins
Compromise, Arrangement and Amalgamation (Companies Act, 1956) CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 77 mins
Foreign Co., Govt. Co., Power, Punishment and Misc. Provisions (Companies Act, 2013 as well as Companies Act, 1956) CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 60 mins
Winding Up (Companies Act, 1956) CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 89 mins
Producer Company (Companies Act, 1956) CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 93 mins
Securities Contract Regulation Act, 1956 CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 80 mins
SEBI Act and SEBI Guidelines CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 213 mins
Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 114 mins
Competition Act, 2002 CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 111 mins
Interpretation of Statute CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 98 mins
IRDA, 1999 CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 18 mins
Insurance Act, 1938 CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 59 mins
Securitisation Act, 2002 CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 38 mins
Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 31 mins
Banking Regulation Act, 1949 CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 45 mins
Amendment for Nov 15 CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 77 mins
Practice Kit CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 210 mins
Amendment for May16 CS. Tejpal Sheth (E) 34 mins

Terms & Conditions :
  • Expiry : 20 May 2017 or 100 hours of viewing (whichever is earlier)
  • Videos can be viewed only in Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / Internet Explorer 9
  • Subject/Course Subscribed once is not transferable
  • Videos are meant for web viewing only and cannot be downloaded
  • Course/Subject purchased once cannot be cancelled.
  • E-books are for reference purpose only.
  • Videos can be viewed in mobiles and tablets.
  • Physical Books will be delivered to Indian address only.
  • Interaction with teacher via click to call and email service.
  • 5% extra discount for existing enrolled students. Final Price visible in checkout page.
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  • Best suited for slow internet connection.
  • Videos can be viewed depending on validity of the subject.
  • Videos can viewed even while you are offline.
  • Videos can be viewed on website for 30hrs also(updates will be provided online).
  • Pen drive available for additional Rs 1000/2000 depending on subject.
  • Pen Drive will be shipped in 3-4 working days.
  • Pen Drives can used for personal purpose after expiry of subject or after viewing of stipulated hours (which ever is earlier).
  • Runs just on one PC.
  • Video will self expire as per the subject expiry.
  • Minimum 2GB free space required in C: Drive
  • Supported OS : Windows XP/Vista/8.0 & above.
  • Antivirus software must be pre installed.
  • Windows Media Player & .NET Framework 3.5 or higher must be pre installed.
  • Genuine Windows recommended for Win XP users.
  • One time internet connection is required for activation.

Rojesh Tayal

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Prof. RD Maheshwari

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CS. Tejpal Sheth (H)

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