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Scorecard Introduction

Here's introducing the all new "Scorecard system". You can escape anything but will you be able to escape this "Snake n Ladder" game?????

Every registration as a member; casting a vote; starting threads on forum, replying them; queries to experts and answers; submitting- articles, files, classifieds, events, notification n circulars and judgments will now earn you scores.

So "Get Set Go" and be the listed top thirty members on

To understand the scorecard system better, here we provide you with the scores pattern:

Registration as a member: 20
Article - 100
File - 10
Notification n circulars - 20
Judgements- 10
Events - 10
Videos 10
Thread Start 4
Thread Reply 1
Query ask- 1
Query reply 3
Submitting Mock Test Question : 5
Submit Poll: 10
Voting: 3
Recommend 2

Note : Points will be allocated on approval basis.

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