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Vijay Kalia
Chartered Accountants
Since : 17 March 2007

Total Points: 1452
Thanked: 19 times
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About Me!

I am a Fellow CA and DISA-ICAI. I am in the profession for thirty five years with experience in industries such as sugar, copper mines and electronics and of this two decades in practice.I had been involved in the study of South East Asia's Customs and Excise Tariff in respect of cement industry for a non profit organization and in respect of IPR and R&D for a government body. I had been able to detect manuplations and misappropriations in different assignments.I assisted in research in clusters in garment industries and was an invitee to FASID University, Tokyo,Japan. I am into indirect and direct tax practice.I write poetry  on nature, mythology and devotional topics in my blog at Sulekha and had contributed more than 80 poems at . Some of these poems have been visited more than a thousand times.     

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