What is WCT? and what is TDS on contract?


i want to know

what is WCT?

What is is TDS on contract?

WCT is like VAT it is added to the value of goods in invoice by the manufacturer and TDS is deducted by the customer at the time of making payment for goods purched.

is it correct ?

please tell me about WCT

thanking you

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Dear please find enclosed herewith the attached file for WCT Chapter.

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Please find enclosed herewith the attached file for FAQ on WCT.

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as per my knowledge

WCT is like vat only

but direct Vat can not  be charged on WCT contract Becoz WCT is contract where Contractor is giving only one bill for material & Service so neither vat & nor Service tax charged on this type of contract

so that WCt is to be charged on whole value. WCT rate is t o be decided keeping service tax & VAT Amount


TDS is the income tax liablity which  has to be deducted when we are making payment o contracor


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Dear Shivaji,


the question of WCT arises only in the cases of contractors.Whenever in a contract both labour as  well as material component is included in the invoice and the contract between the contractor and contracte does'nt bifurcate the amount of material and labour so it is not possible to assign the separate value for VAT and service Tax. therefore WCT is charged to the full value.

Therefore the following conditions are pre-requisite of charging WCT.

  1. Contract Work
  2. Contractor transfer some material along with his services
  3. Contract between the parties does'nt bifurcate the services and material amount

hence it can be said that WCT is a subsitution of VAT and Service Tax.

TDS on Contractor

It is covered U/s 194C of Income Tax Act.As per the provisions of this section is somebody pay an amount to contractor then he would deduct a TDS @ 2%/1% and subsequently a contractor get a credit of the same while filing his income tax return.



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I want to know is WCT amt. deducted on contractro bill can be adjusted from Vat amt.


thanx a lot Mr. Karan for explaining wct in short

what is wct?





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