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Global management summit inaugurated at noida film city

Posted by : Anil Prajapati on   23 March 2017

Noida: Hundred delegates from 27 countries of the World participated in a well planned Global Management Summit 2017 at Noida Film City organized by Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneur in association with ICMEI- International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry.

The Global Management Summit invited delegates from 27 countries including from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Egypt, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, Zambia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Botswana, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Myanmar, South Sudan, Philippines, Syria, Bhutan, Malawi, Peru, Iran and India.

The summit emphasized on the better management of governmental and private organizations to save the resources of the organization. How to induct love, peace and unity through art and culture in the organizations by the management was the second motive of the summit. The case study of Sandeep Marwah was the main course of the show.

“Never ever met a person of that caliber chairing a summit of that standard,” said Charles Korukuve delegate from Namibia. “We can never forget the love and respect extended towards us in this summit,” said Bahati Hakimu delegate from Tanzania. “I have gathered life time memories from India,” said Chatti Saloua delegate from Tunisia.

‘We are thankful to Government of India for providing such a wonderful opportunity to be together with global family,” said Haitham Rifky Kamal Hassan from Egypt. ‘Indo Tanzania has seen a new wave of friendship with this summit,” added Twaha Bahran from Tanzania while inaugurating the session.

“It is an opportunity to learn from Sandeep Marwah every time we meet him. He is a super computer in himself and a one-man army,” said Dr. Rishi Raj Singh Director in Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneur, Government of India.

The delegates honored Sandeep Marwah with Global Management Guru Award and Sandeep Marwah presented the delegates with the summit memento and life membership of World Peace Development And Research Foundation.

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Depreciation rate

Posted by : shashi on   23 March 2017

On Clean Room Partition Panels hoe much rate of depreciation is levied and CRP panels are came in which accounting head under Companies Act. Pls Rply urgently.

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Extension of articleship

Posted by : Himanshu Gothi on   23 March 2017

Please  tell me which form need to be filled for serving extension in another firm .

My CA is not giving me exam leave as i have taken excess leave, my attempt is due on may 2017. Is there any measures that an article can take against a CA.

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10e- gross salary income i.efore deductions or after

Posted by : sandeep yadav on   23 March 2017

Total income after deductions under VI-A . I will attach a 10E Caluculator sheet. I think it will resolve your query


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Conversion of saving account/ demta to nro account

Posted by : Prasannaon   23 March 2017
I am an OCI and want to convert my Indian Savings account to NRO Account, Are there any tax implications (in India & US) post conversion?
I also hold stocks in a demat account. Heard I can convert that to NRI PIS Account. Are there any tax implications on the same?

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Fla return of rbi by private limited

Posted by : CS Parul Dadhichon   23 March 2017

Yes thanks for replying....i am just curious if they need to file any other declaration form for receipt of foreign income under FEMA rules as whole of their revenue is generated from foreign outsourcing of IT services.

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Unsecured loan

Posted by : R.MEENAKSHI SUNDARAMon   23 March 2017

Thank you for your valuable reply... Sir.

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How to start again ?( 8th time I Am going to attempt(Audit&ITSM)

Posted by : CA CS Himanshu Khandelwalon   23 March 2017

Hi Sudhakar,

Since you have not mentioned your passing status on advanced accounts,  I am assuming that it is also pending.

Starting today you have approximately 48 days before examination.

Here is the strategy that can be helpful to you.

1. From today till 20th of April, focus on auditing and ITSM. While doing that keep following points/strategy in mind.

a. Don't reserve full day for studying ITSM. Many people dont find themselves comfortable and end up under-utilising their time.

b. Keep 2 sessions of 2 hours each in morning and evening respectively for ITSM. Focus on completeing 5-7 questions in each sessions and thereby you will be completing 10-14 questions a day. Continue doing so till 5th May and you will be done with your ITSM syllabus comfortably.

c. Rest of the time you can accupy yourself for auditing. You can complete and revise it twice easily in this much time frame.

2. From 21st April till exam date, start focusing on accounts. Since you have already studied everything this much time is enough for completeing and revising it once.

Other tips and tricks.

1. Use countdown timer while studying. Set up the time you want to study continously, lets say 45 minutes. and decide the pages or topic you want to cover in that time.Set the timer and start reading. This is the most important trick I can give. It will keep you on toes and your focus will not be deviated.

2. Give mock test. It will help you in anlyzing the mistakes you are making and you can improve upon it.

Let me know if you need any other help and I hope this time you clear your exams and enter the final stage.


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Regarding llp

Posted by : ankamma rao on   23 March 2017

Thanks sir 

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Appointment of kmp in ca 2013

Posted by : Pradeep Gargon   23 March 2017
I want to know if the appointment of CEO, CFO & CS made by a company is required to be uploaded on MCA website?? If not, how the company or statutory authorities can take any legal action against them in case of defaults by co??

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Fla return of rbi by private limited

Posted by : pune1234on   23 March 2017


FLA Return needs to be filed when, Company has either received FDI or has made FDI abroad, that means investment has to be made in other company, and company shall hold foreign Assets or Liabilities in their Balance Sheets. In your case your company has not invested in other company i.e they have not taken any shares of the other company, so no need to file FLA return. 

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Implication of suit claim received under income tax act.

Posted by : Saujanya Timilsina on   23 March 2017
What would be the implication of suit claim receipt in the hand of assesee . Can it be treated as business income? If he has business carried forward loss of 30 crores can he set-off this loss with claim received of 50 crores?

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Depreciation on residential property used for business!

Posted by : Taxon   23 March 2017

Facts of the case

Assesse constructed a building for residential purposes in the year 2004

Cost of Land - Rs. 2.5 lacs (Purchased 10 years earlier)

Cost of Construction of Building - Rs. 24 lacs

Assesse started business in the year of 2014

Assessee started using that residential property for the purposes for business.

He used that residential property as an office. 



How to claim depreciation on same?

Should the depreciation be claimed from year AY 15-16 or from the year of construction? 

At what rate should depreciation be claimed? 

Depreciation should be claimed on whole property or proportionately on only the part used for business?

Depreciation should be claimed on the composite value of Land & Building? 


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Book value_gross block/net block_u/s 72a

Posted by : shinilon   23 March 2017

Thank you very much for your reply.

Further if we consider WDV for book value then naturally after depreciation for 2 years my book value will come down to less than 75 % .This is where my confusion is..

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10e- gross salary income i.efore deductions or after

Posted by : e.filer B.Com/ Hyderabadon   23 March 2017

For rebate calculation U/s 89 (1) Income of previous years -

should we take only gross salary i.e beore eligible deductions Under Ch. VIA

or after all deductions under Chapter VI-A.

both for current year and previous years - if not same procedure i.e gross or after deductions pl. clarify 

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Book value_gross block/net block_u/s 72a

Posted by : shinilon   23 March 2017
Thank you very much fro

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IFRS Course

Posted by : Jahed Topiwalaon   23 March 2017

If you really want to learn IFRS then Amit Chawla is the best, you can find his videos on Youtube as well, just have a look, never ever join Mr. Bhave's Class or any online course.

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Fla return of rbi by private limited

Posted by : CS Parul Dadhichon   23 March 2017

A private limited Co. has outsourced its IT business in US and received benefits and paid for such services in the foreign currency. Do the company need to file FLA return of RBI as it is for disclosure of FDIs done or received by any company. Or is there any other compliance the company needs to fulfill for FEMA regulations. as this is a case of import and export of services.


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Capital gain or loss in ITR-4 e-filling

Posted by : Sumiton   23 March 2017

Thanks, that was very helpful

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Cenvat input credit

Posted by : Bhavishaon   23 March 2017

Kindly let me know whether administrative expenses like Rent,Advertising and others are allowed for a company involved in FACILITATING  repair,restoration of motor vehicles

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