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Posted by : ANIRBAN MUKHERJEEon   28 April 2017



Posted by : Anjalion   28 April 2017
Where does convertible preference shares are classified financial instruments as per IFRS ? Can any one plz guide us on the same.

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GST-Accounting​ Impact

Posted by : Antimaon   28 April 2017
Accounting​ Impact after GST comes in force ?

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calculation method of gst

Posted by : Vijay Pandeyon   28 April 2017
At present excise duty calculate on Basic value - Disc. + P&F. Is SGST ,CGST and IGST applicable same or It will only calculated​ on Basic Value.

In Many state VAT applicable on Freight . Is GST also applicable on Freight or Have to maintain GTA concept separately.

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audit of previous year

Posted by : CA Amrita Chattopadhyayon   28 April 2017

If the appointment of auditor was made for the previous and the same auditor continues to be the auditor for the current year, (as per Companies Act, 2013) where the appointment is generally made for 5 years. 

In such case, audit of previous year can be done but proper disclosure is required in the notes to accounts.

Posted by : uma shankaron   28 April 2017

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Posted by : CA Amrita Chattopadhyayon   28 April 2017

For the purpose of consolidation, one company has to subsidiary of another company. As per the definition as per AS -21 The control is defined by having voting power either directly or indirectly by another enterprise or control the composition of Board of Directors. 

In your case going by the voting rights, it does not fall under the parent subsidiary relation. If the other condition with regard to influencing the Board of Director is not fulfilled, in such case consolidated financial statement need not be prepared

Posted by : Manjunathon   28 April 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was working in PSU(Govt.) and I had got officially Laptop (Purchased in Nov 2015) and Mobile(Aug 2015), amount was reimbursed by company fully i.e total of ~Rs.99000/-(both Laptop and mobile),

as per company policy (lifetime of for laptop is 3 year and mobile 2 years as per company policy )

I quit the Company in July 2016. I had to purchase the device as per policy at depreciation rate which was Rs.7000/- which I paid the company and kept the device. 

Now in my income tax sheet FY 2016-17 provided by the company they have shown Other fringe benefits of Rs.92000/- (Rs.99000-70000) as taxable income. 

I asked for clarification from the company regarding the same they didn't respond properly.

Presently I'm in 20% Income tax slab, please clarify do I need to pay income tax on Rs.920000/- i.e Rs18000/- as income tax.

Thank you.

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Zero value form c

Posted by : harishon   28 April 2017
Dear Sir's

We have supplied the goods to the interstate buyer & consignee was in SEZ & we have not charged any CST Against the Form I but now Consignee of SEZ has issued Form I to our Buyer & our buyer is issuing us zero value form C against the our SEZ Invoice where No any CST charged, my question is whether it will be applicable & can we get relief from the tax ?

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epf withdrawl

Posted by : Manpreet Kauron   28 April 2017
hello guys
please confirm me regarding 1 thing whether this epf rule is applicable to all individuals or only retired individuals??

Posted by : jiteshon   28 April 2017
Dear all,
M/s XYZ Pvt. Ltd., had provide tour operator service as a “Tour package cost for event held at outside India”. This activities relating to business as a sales promotion. In this event some senior employees & some distributors & dealers are involve.

So can we take the service tax credit on tour operator service.

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Posted by : A.praveen kumaron   28 April 2017
I want to buy offline video classes of Ca final group-2 .I have the below options please guide me which is better. ASfoundation pune or superprofs or CCi online coaching.

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Posted by : Krishanu Chowdhuryon   28 April 2017

Posted by : neeraj guptaon   28 April 2017
itr3 because you have to show speculative business gain/loss. till last year this was itr4.

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Defective return u/s 139 (9)

Posted by : pushpaon   28 April 2017
Hello Sir / Madam, I have filled return for AY 2015-16 which become defective under error code 31 due to non filling of balance sheet and P/L A/c, and return become invalid due to cross time limit , After some time I again filled revised return with P/L A/c and Balance sheet but again I T department shows defective return u/s 139(9) Please provide guideline now what would be solution for defective return ITR 4 for Professional service

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Indent in tally

Posted by : abhishekon   28 April 2017
How to creat Indent in tally erp 9 .

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gst invoice

Posted by : Somilon   28 April 2017

Yes,you have to charge it seperately.

Posted by : chandanon   28 April 2017
Hello Sir,
My client is doing job work. (welding Job work) He receive material from manufacture and sometime purchase from market as per specification of manufacture then do welding Process & other work and send them to manufacture. He receive his job work charges from manufacture.
My queries are
1) Is there any excise duty liability on my client or excise duty liability on manufacturer.
2) Is there any service tax liability? If yes then who will collect the service tax and on what amount?
3)Is there any Sale tax liability applicable on my client ? If yes what amount are applicable on Job work Charges..

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Opex format

Posted by : Pawan Dagaon   28 April 2017
list of opex items for a retail store

Posted by : jrajuon   28 April 2017

Hi, i could not find my post in other forums in the link i have given above. In my profile , and in posts, i could find, how to look for my postings in the forum thread in the respective topics pl any one

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