Mat journal entries

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what is the journal entry for MAT in general

and mat credit entitlement and availed..

and what entry needsto be passed for showing it in balance sheet!!!!

Chartered Accountant

Following is the JV to be passed :-


Income Tax paid A/c       Dr.                      XXXX

(Grouped under the head Indirect Exps)

MAT Credit A/c                Dr.                    XXXX   

(Grouped under Current Asset)

   To Provision for Income Tax A/c                             XXXX

(Grouped uner the heads Provisions)




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MAT credit entitlement will be treated as an asset and the accounting will be done by crediting the Profit & loss A/c, if there is a virtual certainty that the company will be able to recover the MAT credit Entitlement in future limited period. It will be disclosed under Loans and Advances. In the year of   adjustment full provision shall be made for Tax Liability, and in the Balance Sheet the Provision for Tax shall be shown net off MAT credit Entitlement.

Journal entries (AY-2009-10)

1) Profit and loss A/c………. Dr                                     190

To Provision for Tax                                                                     190

2) MAT Credit Entitlement A/c……… Dr                               90

To Profit and loss A/c                                                                   90

Journal entries (AY-2011-12)


1) Profit and loss A/c………. Dr                                     200

To Provision for Tax                                                                      200

The MAT credit entitlement will be shown as deduction from Provision for Tax in the Balance Sheet

Provision for Tax                                                       200

Less: – MAT credit entitlement                                        (50)

Net                                                                                 150


for more info:


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I think that as Mat paid is an asset to the company only the following entry will passed in the books.

Mat Receivable Dr

To Bank.

As it is an asset it should not be routed through the P&L account as an item can be shown either as an part of the P&L  or the BS.  It cant be shown both as an part of BS & PL.

the Mat credit can be c/f for upto 7years.  If the comapny is cetain that there will be sufficient taxable income in the future then it can offset it's liability with Mat credit.  In that case entry will as follows:

P&L dr

Prov for tax CR

& Prov for Tax Dr

mat Receivable Cr


What if my company has utilized whole MAT credit but no accounting treatment is given in previous years and MAT Credit is still in asset. What rectifying entry should be made for the same?kindly please give your opinion on this.



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