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Icwai exam query

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[ Scorecard : 1287]
Posted On 08 March 2013 at 11:59 Report Abuse

Inter Result For December 2012 Term


Name of Student :

Urusha A Khan

Roll No :


Registration No:


Syllabus :



Paper 5

Paper 6

Paper 7


Group I







Paper 8

Paper 9

Paper 10


Group II





The captioned student got exmeption in the Paper 5 & 7 based on the ICSI qualification.
It is known that the exmeption obtained in the paper 8 can not be carried forward because as per ICWAI rules, one should secure minimum 40 marks in other papers in order to carry forward the exemption. So, he need to give the all papers of Group-II.
My query is that Is the person cleared the Group-I though he secured 52 marks in Paper 6 and should fill up the exam form for the Group-II only? i am asking this because it is mentioned A instead of E in the papers in which exmeption is alloted..
Please reply at your earliest convenience.


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Ankit Gupta

[ Scorecard : 1537]
Posted On 08 March 2013 at 13:24


  • In marks 'A' means - Absent
  • 'D' means - Not Applied
  • 'E'/'F' means - Exempted. 

Kindly please inquire with the People concerned from Institute itself that why is it mentioned 'A' instead of E/F. (as the case maybe). 

And secondly why i am not able to view the result of this registration number of Intermediate which you have provided above ? 

Thirdly, If your above result says you have completed gropu I then, Apply only for group II, ?And the exemption scored will be carried forward to the next attempt. 

And securing minimum 40 to claim exemption in an attempt is the rule of ICWAI? 
Please kindly tell me the source.

Azim Khan ACA,CS,CMA*,LLB*

[ Scorecard : 1287]
Posted On 08 March 2013 at 14:33

Ankit, instead of giving suggestions u started asking me the questions......

Source is the prospectus of ICWAI, now dont tell to provide u the link...............

Ankit Gupta

[ Scorecard : 1537]
Posted On 08 March 2013 at 15:10

Sir,I apolozise. I just now saw the exemption rule in the prospectus.


On the basis of examination :
 If a candidate is unsucessful in passing a group but secures 60% on more 
in any paper & minimum 40% marks in each of the remaining papers of 
the group, he shall be exempted in that paper(s) from appearing in the 
immediately successive three terms of examination.
On the basis of qualification :
 Students desirous to seek the exemptions shall apply in the 
prescribed format to the Director of Studies at least 60 days prior to the 
start of the ICAI examination in which he/she wishes to appear, alongwith 
copies of testimonials in support of the claim and the exemption fees of ` 
200/- per paper by way of Demand Draft favouring “The Institute of Cost 
Accountants of India” payable at Kolkata.

Member (Account Deleted)

[ Scorecard : 6986]
Posted On 08 March 2013 at 15:15

@ Azim Sir, agreed with Ankit, the said student need to clarify it with institue officials, as why its showing A instead of E.., as one need to show exempted subjects in respective column in exam forms.. or it may be an error from institute side...

As per prospectus, For Exemption: if one gets 60% or more in any paper/or papers and is unsuccessful in passing a grp, he will get exemption in that paper in subsequent examination, but marks will be reckoned as 50

For Carry forward of marks: 60% or more in any paper, and min 40% of marks in all subjects, but unsuccessful in passing a grp, then he will get exemption AND he will get benefit of carry forward of actual marks of that paper in subsequent exam..

As per my belief, in your case, the student will get exemption in paper 8, but his marks will be taken as 50 in calculating aggregate in the next exam...

 but suggest you to confirm it with officials, or call 18003450092...

Member (Account Deleted)

[ Scorecard : 6986]
Posted On 08 March 2013 at 15:17

@ Ankit, you can see the details regd exemption on pge 23 of the ICAI (Cost) prospectus.., or check the link here...


Total thanks : 1 times

Azim Khan ACA,CS,CMA*,LLB*

[ Scorecard : 1287]
Posted On 08 March 2013 at 16:59

Thanks Ankit and Harini....


As per the link provided by Harini, it is understood that in the given case, the person is required to be appeared in Operation Mgt & in Indirect taxes and no need to be appeared in Costing as secured 63 Marks...

Thanks a lot.....

And as far as A or F is concerned, the mistake is made by the students in evey case who got exemption based on CS qualification.... I will nevertheless advise to visit the regional chapter for this query.....




[ Scorecard : 21]
Posted On 02 April 2014 at 18:15

in how many item icwai final exemption will be carry forwad

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