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I have Adobe Reader v9. I wanted to digitally sign one of the ROC Forms. But, when I click in the signature field, nothing happens..

While doing so, the USB token was attached, I also have the requisite drivers for the DSC (PKI Client and EToken), and also I have installed TCS Filesigner Plus. The DSC I have is issued by TCS-CA. Also the certificates from TCS have been added into trusted list in my browser.. even the "Sign Document" option in Menu bar of AR is not highlighted.

I am not able to understand whether the problem is with Adobe Reader or something else. DSC is also valid. I can see its properties in EToken.

Please help.

PS: I have Windows7. Is it something to do with its security options..?

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use Adobe reader 7.05 version. Adobe 9 is not working properly for MCA


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Yes, Mr. Ravindranath is right. You go on MCA Portal and see what software is required for MCA filing.


Following Softwares are required for MCA filing:



Absolute Carnage

I also filed today with Adobe 9... prob should be activex control or Java Version.. Jst try the exact version prescribed in the MCA21 Website..  


Absolute Carnage

Or the prob is in the form itself.. Try to download new form from the site and check it again.. MCA Changing the forms everyday without any notification. Pls ensure that u hav latest form with u before using the form.. 

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Amey ....

I faced similar problem recently. Adobe 9.0 is OK with MCA, so just continue with it. Make sure that JRE 6.0 runtime environment is installed. If still you are facing problems, remove PKI client, restart PC, again install that. While solving my problem, I did the same thing and it worked.


I hope you must have done it, but if not then first register DSC on MCA site. If DSC is expired then form doesn't accept the signature.



The java prog, for which link is provided on MCA site has reached its end of life, they must provide a new link in prequisite softwares




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CA Final Student

Hey guys, Thanks for replies.

Unfortunately, even following all the suggestions given above, its not working..

One thing i noticed, as soon as i plug in the usb token, windows gives me a notification saying

Driver software being installed and after that it says, MS Smart Card reader is ready for use..

Is this creating a problem?? (There is a card reader in my Laptop)



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