Dear CCI Friends,

Firstly, I must mention that 'CCI Really Rockss'. Ok now I would like you all to help me out on this. I've finalised almost all subjects' books for my CA Final exams but I just can't decide a book for Strategic Financial Management. The confusion is mainly between two books - Pattabhi Ram/SD Bala & A.N.Sridhar. I would like u all to tell me which would be better suited for my exam preparations. My attempt is due in May 2011 & I'm opting for self study for this subject. It would be great if u could also tell me the pros & cons of each book....

Awaiting ur Expert Advice....

Thanx in advance.....


I always prefer Pattabhi ram.


For Self study, SD Bala & Pattabhiram is best... I too have the same book ... It gives u a good conceptual knowlege... While u read the book, u will feel that some one is teaching u...


Plz guyz, I need some more support....

My decision will be based on ur views.....

So plz tell me fast which book should I go for & why....


Dear Jeetendra, I am referring Pattabhiraman. Have given below some of its merits & demerits.




1)Ideal book for self study.


2)Explains concepts really well. 


3)Language is very simple & clear. This book is a pleasure to read.


4)When we read this book, we get the feeling that we are actually attending classes.


5)After explaining each concept, there is one simple problem based on that concept. This helps in really understanding the concepts.





1)The problems given at the end of each chapter(except capital budgeting) are very simple. We dont get such simple problems in exams.


2)For the theory part, u cant rely on this book(theory is covered upto 20-30 marks in the exams, so is very important). 


3)Some of the solutions in the book contradict with those given in the compilation.


My Opinion 

Since u are doing self study, buy Pattabhiraman. In my opinion, its a must have for every student doing self study. But dont rely fully on it. Use it to understand concepts but do problems from compilation. If u can afford, also buy any book containing lots of problems(e.g.Paduka) & practise solving problems thereunder. For theory, u may refer to our module(if u have enough patience & endurance). If u are buying a book for problem solving purpose, u can refer that book for theory too(ensure that the book u are buying deals with both theory & problems).


Note:I havent read AN Sridhar so cant comment on it. Have heard that this book expains concepts well & have good number of problems.





You can refer V Pattabi Ram is a better book. You can also refer aditya jain book for this subject it is also a right choice. makkar sir book is also a good one


Thank u Venkatesh & Devi...

Thanx Jithin for the detailed analysis & Thank u Vivek Sir for ur valuable suggestion....

@ Vivek Sir: Is Makkar Sir's Book available in soft copy???


Can anyone plz upload Makkar Sir's notes ???

Aditya jain's book can be downloaded from his website.Email to his company;they will mail u back the books.


How can we avail Aditya Jain;s Book




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