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Kindly provide me the board resolution format.


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Open any Annual Report of a Listed Co. and you will get it. (Dabur Ltd. has published its Annual Report Online).



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kindly provide the board resolution format for mortgage property of company to another firm...

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Extracts of the minutes of the meeting of board of directors held on ________ at the registered office of the company at ____ Am/ Pm

The Chairman of the company appraised the board and informed that _________________ firm as approached (bank, branch, address of the bank) for the term loan / Credit facility aggregating to of Rs. ____ (in words) to meet their business requirements. In order to strengthen the corporate relationship with the firm and in order to satisfy the need of corporate guarantee which shall be provided by the company to sanction the said loan to the firm the following resolution were passed,

Resolved that,

That the Company shall provide its property consisting of land and building situated at _______________________________as a security for the credit facility of Rs.      Crores (Rupees                      only) sanctioned by                           Bank to (Firm name) and also issue a Corporate Guarantee to protect the interests of the Bank on the terms and conditions as may be stipulated by the Bank

That the directors of the company (name them) shall sign and execute the necessary documents as may be required by the bank and to do all acts, deeds and things which are incidental for the aforesaid purpose.

That the common seal of the company shall be affixed in the place as may be required for the purpose of the corporate guarantee before the directors of the company or any of the directors of the company shall sign in witness thereof.

Resolved further that, the directors are hereby authorized to Register the said deed of mortgage to the registrar of Proper jurisdiction and also register the charges with the Registrar of Companies.

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Thanks a lot for provide board resolution format



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