A man is not a father until he has daughter.simply beautiful

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A man is not a father until he has daughter......SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL 

A man is not a father until he has daughter 
A couple made a deal the night of their Marriage to NOT open the door of their room to anybody who comes 
knocking in the morning for any reason! 
In the morning the parents of the husband came & knocked on the door, the husband & the wife were looking 
at each other & as they agreed before, they didn't open the door. 
After a while the parents of the bride came knocking at the door to check on them, the couple were looking at 
each other, then the bride dropped a tear & started crying she said: "I cannot keep them knocking & 
not open the door, I miss them already" 
The husband didn't say anything & he let her open the door for her parents. 
Years & years passed & the couple had 5 children, the first ones were boys & the 5th was a little girl, 
when she was born the father was extremely happy that Almighty blessed him with her, & he threw a 
Huge Party for her in Grand style, people were so amazed with his joy & his happiness that they asked 
him, why are you so happy with her more than you were before with her older brothers? 
He answered simply: "She is the one who will open the door for me" 
Baby girls are the comfort of the eyes of their father! 
They hold the key to their father's hearts! 
Daughters are really unique. 
They care for their parents even after they are married. 
It's rightly said, "A son is a son till he gets a Wife, 
a daughter is a daughter all her Life!"

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Hats Off . Good Line  A daughter is a daughter all her Life!"

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Thnx for the lovely sharing...................

love u puppa............................

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Hehehehehe..All Sons are not like that....Lolz.



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Please go and check out the all incidence n all reports...........

u'll got the answer that u are wrong......

it's not likely to be happen........

n the last but not the least u r not suppose to say anything to anyone ok......

n what do u know about the girls ?

if u are really think that u r right or have any sense then I think that u had thought before speaking all this..........

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I just want to tell you that please change your mentallity n try to develope it ................

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