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Cost accounting and financial Management (CA-IPCC)


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CA Raj K Agrawal

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CA M K Jain

Price Rs. 6299.00
Inclusive of service tax @12.36%

  • Total Video Duration: 151.35 hours
  • Along with e-Book (1158 Pages)
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Cost accounting and financial Management by CA M K Jain (Code #152)

Subject Name Faculty Subject Length
Cost Accounting (Rs. 4099.00)  Enroll Now    
Standard costing CA M K Jain 547 mins
Jt Product By Product CA M K Jain 208 mins
Budget CA M K Jain 316 mins
Cost Sheet CA M K Jain 257 mins
Integrated Non-Integrated CA M K Jain 505 mins
Job Batch CA M K Jain 268 mins
Marginal CA M K Jain 623 mins
Operating Costing CA M K Jain 230 mins
Overhead-Machine Hour Rate CA M K Jain 113 mins
Overheads-General CA M K Jain 441 mins
Reconciliation CA M K Jain 163 mins
Contract Costing CA M K Jain 277 mins
Labour CA M K Jain 448 mins
Process CA M K Jain 460 mins
Material CA M K Jain 286 mins
Financial Management (Rs. 3599.00)  Enroll Now    
Working Capital Management CA M K Jain 389 mins
Capital Budgeting CA M K Jain 723 mins
Cash Budget CA M K Jain 171 mins
Cash Flow Statement CA M K Jain 466 mins
Cost of Capital CA M K Jain 771 mins
Credit Policy and Receivable Management CA M K Jain 435 mins
Fund Flow Statement CA M K Jain 118 mins
Indifference Point CA M K Jain 208 mins
Leverages CA M K Jain 235 mins
Ratios CA M K Jain 226 mins
Theory of Capaital Structure CA M K Jain 164 mins
Time Value of Money CA M K Jain 33 mins

Terms & Conditions :
  • Expiry : 20th November 2015 or 300 hours of viewing (whichever is earlier)
  • Videos can be viewed only in Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / Internet Explorer 9
  • Subject/Course Subscribed once is not transferrable
  • Videos are meant for web viewing only and cannot be downloaded
  • Course/Subject purchased once cannot be cancelled.
  • E-books are for reference purpose only.
  • Videos can be viewed in mobiles and tablets.
  • Interaction with teacher via click to call and email service.
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  • Best suited for slow internet connection.
  • Videos can be viewed depending on validity of the subject.
  • Videos can viewed even while you are offline.
  • Videos can be viewed on website for 30hrs also(updates will be provided online).
  • Pen drive available for additional Rs 1000/2000 depending on subject.
  • Pen Drive will be shipped in 3-4 working days.
  • Runs just on one PC.
  • Video will self expire as per the subject expiry.
  • Minimum 2GB free space required in C: Drive
  • Supported OS : Windows XP/Vista/8.0 & above.
  • Antivirus software must be pre installed.
  • Genuine Windows recommended for Win XP users.

Note : For best streaming of Online Coaching Classes please use Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows on Desktop/Tablets/Mobile Devices, Chrome on Android mobile & Android tablets as well as on Apple's Ipad & Iphone.

CA Bhagwan Lal

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CA. Vinod Kumar V

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FCA Amresh Kumar Jain

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