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What is Professional Skepticism

posted on 28 January 2008

Professional skepticism


§  Professional skepticism is a key element of a quality audit  

§  Professional skepticism means:

·  Not accepting the evidence you have gathered at face value

·  Continuing to pursue all avenues of inquiry on the topic at hand

·  Critically assessing evidence without being overly suspicious or cynical

·  Increasing your awareness of how supporting documentation is selected & the amount of documentation that is collected

·  Corroborating management explanations or representations concerning material matters

§  Your assessment should include whether:

·  Evidence may be misleading or incomplete

·  The person providing the evidence lacks subject matter competence or is motivated to provide evidence that is misleading or incomplete

§  All of us have a professional responsibility to ask more probing questions, critically analyze the answers, & be sure we have used all of the evidence presented

Published in Audit
Source : Deloitte & Touche
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