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Look Whos here !! Mr. Desai, Good to see you. said Mr. Suren Mehta, a retired banker. He was sitting with few other friends, Mr. Ajit Khanna and Mr. Rajat Ghosh, in a park as their daily routine in retirement days. He suddenly sa

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In case of a Real estate and construction industry, where due to various political and economical reasons we have seen that there is a sharp downturn being noted in the sale of residential and commercial con

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Introduction: The two foremost facets of Decisions for a company are Investment & Financing Decisions. Investing Decisions determines Companies Assets while Financing Decisions determines Co

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Provide whether company is falling under any class of Companies as per Section 139(2). Whether Joint Auditors have been appointed - Provide Whether joint auditors have been appointed. If yes is selected then provide the value for Number of aud

Posted in Corporate Law | 7 comments | 4670 Views

Job-hopping can increase your pay, but good old loyalty also has its perks. Stay on with your employer for five years or more, and you are entitled to gratuity when you resign, retire or are retrenched. Going b

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Karniti Part 59Happy Diwali with crackers of Income TaxArjuna (Fictional Character): Krishna, recently the result of Maharashtra & Hariyana States Election is declared. In this some politician-s crackers have exploded and someone-s got defused. On th

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R.K Rengaraj, Advocate, Swamy Associates Micro Nutrient Mixtures -Whether it is Plant Growth Regulator or Other Fertiliser under Central Excise classification? Introduction: The CESTAT, Bangalore has recently held in the case of KPR Fertilizer Ltd V

Posted in Excise | 0 comments | 2765 Views

It has been observed in the day to day lives of maximum professionals working in corporate or independently that they seem to be dissatisfied with the level and the nature of their work. Ofcourse the urge of achieving something bigger at each and eve

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How to check purchases

20 October 2014 at 11:48


Hi Friends,This article is about How to check Purchases in any organisation during Audit:-Remember that during audit whatever document you take from client take his signature on the same basically its a approval from client side that we provided the

Posted in Audit | 20 comments | 6360 Views

This standard on auditing lays emphasis on the auditors responsibilities in regard to the related parties identified during the conduct of an audit of financial statments. It deals with the responsibilities and expands on how to make application of t

Posted in Audit | 2 comments | 3917 Views

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