Different kinds of Trademark and Trademark Application Process

What is a Trademark? A trademark can be thought of a name, a phrase, a logo, or even a sound that uniquely identifies your brand and distinguishes it from your competitor's. A trademark can be for both product and/or service. Once a trademark is registered, no third party can use the registered trademark for their products or services unless the original party that registered the trademark grants permission for any such use. The Trademarks Act, 1999, regulates the usage of trademarks i..

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Step by Step Registration Process of ‘CS’ as a Trademark Agent in India

Trademark agents or attorneys are licensed verified professionals who offer comprehensive legal inquiries regarding trademark filings, registrations, and appeals. In order to maintain brand representation, it is important to clarify the checks that are accompanied by a trademark register, which are called brand representative checks. A company secretary receives the privilege of a brand agent exam. What is meant by the Term Trademark? Trademarks are a branch of intellectual property rig..

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Trademark vs Copyright in India

The majority of business owners are ignorant of their company’s most valuable asset. It is their brand name on which their company’s survival and reputation are entirely dependent. The market is crowded, and grabbing the attention of the target customer is only half the battle. Customers have been highly brand conscious in recent years. As a result, Trademark Registration and Copyright Application have become the most critical factors in consumer purchase decisions. As a result, a..

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A fine discussion on Trademark Registration in India

What is a Trademark? Trademark sometimes also generalised as trade mark or trade-mark. Comes under the branch of Intellectual Property, which is combination of Sign, design or expression or anything whatever will give an identification of products or services should be different from others. Well, we should think once why we need trademarks, just to give an identification of our products or services, so sometimes also known as service marks.   Who can be a trademark owner? ..

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International Trademark | An analysis

Trademark A trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises. Trademarks are protected by intellectual property rights. A trademark registration grants protection only in that particular territory and not outside. So, if you wish for the global recognition of your mark then you need to apply for registration in other countries also. An applicant have two options either he can apply for the trademark registration in each o..

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Trademark Registration Process and other relevant Tips

Trademark Registration Process Every person starts his business to grow and want some rights from the government that his rights shall be protected by the Government. So, every Entrepreneur put its best efforts to make their brand valuable and wants the protection of his brand. Accordingly, Government of India established an Authority named Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trademark who will govern the rights of Intellectual property. Now through this Article we are putting ..

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Assignment or transmission of trademarks

We can trace development and use of Trade Marks from the days of industrial revolution. This was the face during which trade and commerce were at the top and world got an environment of good business practices. In industrial revolution era, various products had been developed, various innovations had been made. The industrial exploitation of various new goods was at top. The industrial revolution enabled large scale production and distribution of goods. With the emergence of competitive market e..

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