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taxpayers [6]

Black and White Money Trail: How Shell Companies help this?

Black and white money trail: How shell companies help this thriving business There are a few things that we very well know exist and still would not speak about, only because they have become part and parcel of our everyday life. Today we will talk a..

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Karniti Part 26:1st Step of March end, Prepare Comp. Balance

(March Ending Special Part 1)Take first feet, Prepare Comparative Balance Sheet Arjuna (fictional character): O Krishna, current Financial year is on verge of ending in the month of March. Government departments due to ma..

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Top 10 Indian Cyber Crimes while filing online ITR's

Generally all the assessee/tax professionals are internet savvy to file income tax return online , but unknowingly they may be commit cyber crime under Information Technology Act 2000 1. Sending request to pas..

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Black Money Minus Corruption is Benign: Counter Point

Suddenly, it has become fashionable in India to talk about black money and behave as if it is the root cause of all problems and we all will become prosperous no sooner black money is put to tax net within the control of our dear government which has..

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Taxation of Salary - Points need to know as an employee

Taxation of Salary Points need to know as an employee (Part- 1) Introduction: It is January again and the first month of last quarter for the financial year 2013-14, All the employers are in the process of start asking your proofs for your ..

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Replacing all taxes with banking transaction tax !

In prelude to General Elections, several radical ideas are being circulated. Baba Ramdev is believed to have propounded this idea, supported by Gadkari and finally, endorsed by Modi, though they have not committed to it as yet. Let us examine the mer..

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Citizen's Charter is incomplete without Business Services

It is heartening to listen to Mr. Kejriwals speech in Delhi Assembly during vote of confidence. He has rightly mentioned that Citizens Charter is an integral part of anti-corruption measures. A government official is likely to stop doin..

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Mandatory Pan Under The Income-tax Act

A Permanent Account Number (PAN) is one of the most important documents in the country today. It is an identification number which the Income Tax Department gives to all taxpayers. You need to quote the PAN for all financial transactions like opening..

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Short and Simple Wealth Tax

CHARGEABILITY (SECTION 3) Wealth tax is charged for every assessment year in respect of net wealth of the corresponding valuation date of every individual, HUF and company, at the rate of 1% on the amount by which the net wealth exceeds Rs. 30,00,0..

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Income from Salary Simplified

BASIS OF CHARGE: [Section 15] As per Section 15, salary consists of the following: any salary due from an employer or a former employer to an assessee in the previous year, whether actually paid or not; any salary paid or allowed to him in the ..

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Corruption R.I.P: My ideas to end corruption in India

Connect all Government Departments, both State and Central and bring them under a common software platform (ERP) and also standardize and bring uniformity to their method of worki..

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Should you invest in Tax-Free Bonds?

Ohh Man! I did my tax saving investments 2 months back only. Otherwise I would have invested in these tax-free bonds. But now I cant invest in them. said Mahesh Kuntal, a 34 year old executive, working with a leading pharma co..

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