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taxpayers [3]

1.4 lakh crore taxpayers declare income above 1 crore

CBDT releases Direct Tax Statistics&nbsp; Constant growth indirect tax-GDP ratio over last three years Growth of more than 80% in the number of returns filed in the last four financial years Number of persons filing return of income has also increased by about 65% during this period from 3.31 crore in FY 2013-14 to 5.44 crore in FY 2017-18 <p st..

Posted in news |   2 comments |   689 Views

Confused about Rupee vs Dollar fight?

Mom, the value of Rs has increased from 65 to 69 and eventually to 72 in last 1 year. Instead of appreciating the Modi Government, why�s everyone cr..

Posted in articles |   6 comments |   3188 Views

Case Study: Merger of LLP with Pvt. Company

Facts: Application was filled in NCLT Chennai u/s 230-232 of Companies Act 2013 for the proposed scheme of amalgamation of M/s. Real Image LLP ('Transferor ..

Posted in articles |   1 comments |   3338 Views

Taxation Policy

Power to tax is an inherent sovereign power of any government but in India a limitation is made under article 265 of the Constitution of India..

Posted in articles |   1924 Views

One nation one tax law

A bank transaction tax. A bank transaction tax is a tax levied on debit (and/or credit) entries on bank accounts...

Posted in articles |   1 comments |   873 Views

Uniform Accounting Software can change the economic scene

Accounting Policy, Software, Tax Returns, Financial Reports..

Posted in articles |   3 comments |   696 Views

Effect On Capital Gains By Shifting Base Year

Effect On Capital Gains By Shifting Base Year ..

Posted in articles |   3 comments |   5170 Views


Sec 145, ICDS, Accounting Standards, Companies Act Sec 129, 133..

Posted in articles |   1506 Views

Tax Exemptions - A tool to generate black money & corruption

Exemption from Tax, under reporting, cash transactions, tax evasion..

Posted in articles |   1626 Views

Income Tax Deductions 2016-17

Helpful for Salaried Individuals for Deductions and Income tax benefits as per Budget 2016...

Posted in articles |   11 comments |   9910 Views

Any Abnormality in Only 1.25 cr Indians paying Income Tax?

The data recently released by the government stating that only 1.25 cr Indian (individuals) pay income tax, that is, only 1%. It seems obvious to conclude that ..

Posted in articles |   12 comments |   3997 Views

E-commerce Service providers Compliance requirements under Goods and Service Tax

Analysis of Compliance requirements of eCommerce portals and other important aspects under Goods and Service Tax aka GST regime...

Posted in articles |   6 comments |   3009 Views

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