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Raksha Bandhan of Taxpayers!

Arjun (Fictional Character): Krishna, how are the tax departments and taxpayers going to celebrate the blissful festival of Raksha bandhan this COVID period? Krishna (Fictional Character): Arjuna, uptill now, this year 2020 has been a lot distressful for all of us. But now, here is the festival of Raksha bandhan which would bring joy and blessings in disguise. The tax departments are discharging their role by taking the responsibility and being comp..

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5 Innocent Mistakes you should avoid while filing your Income Tax Return

Often Taxpayers while filing their Tax returns make innocent mistakes, not with the intention of evading taxes but simply out of ignorance. These mistakes though innocent may prove costly to you and invite notices from the Income Tax Department. Below are 5 such mistakes that you should avoid while filing your ITR:- 1. Not Filing your IT return on time or not filing it at all Taxpayers many time don’t file their return when their Tax Liability is nil but their Gros..

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Is Indian Economy Sinking? It's Impact on Common Man & Financial Tips

As per the World bank's Forewarn, the global economy is going to shrink by 5.2% this year resulting in a global economic crisis deepest recession catastrophe ever in decades. We cannot deny the fact that Indian economy is under devastating & catastrophic change and is witnessed sinking due reasons below – 1. The contraction in markets, 2. Supply chain crisis, 3. Lack of demand, 4. Credit growth is declining 5. Revenue collection is..

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With the COVID 19 Economic Impact hitting us - Do we have a Plan B?

Planning for two streams of revenue / income is a thought most of us have when we become stable with a job or a full time profession. Some of us are lucky to find a part time profession in our passion but many of us are not. I feel the answer lies in tracing our roots and culling out what is relevant for today's life. Today, success is measured by education / job profile. And not by skill set. In fact, we can say that "skill based training" is completely lost barring a..

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11 ways to refinance your business

ART OF FUND RAISING Business profile should be sound. CIBIL Record should be good Documentation should be complete. Project Report/Projections should be sound. Bank transactions should be frequent with constant inflows. Cheque should not be bounced in past 3 months period. ITR should be filed in timely manner with a minimum gap of six months between years. 10 POSSIBLE WAYS OF REFINANCING Y..

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Medical expenses cannot be carried forward for tax deduction benefit

A deduction is available under Section 80DD of the I-T Act to a resident taxpayer, if he has incurred expenses for medical treatment, training, and rehabilitation of a dependant parent, with disability..

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The first tranche of the Rs 20 lakh crore economic package

The first tranche of the Rs 20 lakh crore economic package..

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Relaxation in statutory and compliance matters announced by the FM

Relaxation in statutory and compliance matters announced by the FM..

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Alert to Taxpayers on fake messages on GST Refund

Attention Taxpayers! Safeguard yourself from fake messages on GST Refunds It has been observed that some fraudulent messages are being circulated on WhatsApp, Email and SMS, claiming to process GST refund. It clearly shows that some miscreants have started to take undue advantage of Covid-19 crisis, by sending out fake messages with phishing links. One such link takes to a portal claimed to have been developed by GSTN. The same is fake and Government has notified only&nbs..

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2020 Guide To Cryptocurrency Taxes

2020 Guide To Cryptocurrency Taxes..

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Plan of action after Budget 2020

As soon as the budget is presented, We see a deluge of analyses and memes coming our way. However, readers of this blog know that we choose to wait for clarifications and finer details so that readers get the right perspective for themselves. ..

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Taxpayer's Parade : Beware of Anti-Tax Evasion Weapons

"Taxpayer's Parade" : Beware of Anti-Tax Evasion Weapons..

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