Form 26QB TDS dates

Hi While filling Form 26QB I'm seeing 3 different kinds of dates - (1) Date of Agreement/Booking (2) Date of Payment/Credit (3) Date of Tax Deduction As per my understanding, (1) should be the date on which original seller/purchaser agreement was made. This is 3rd Jan 2022. We are paying the Seller in installments, with bank transfer (already done on 1st Feb 2022) and a cheque from HDFC bank loan, which will be handed over at the time of registery, sometime in future, say 10th Feb 20..

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TDS on Reimbursement of Laptop

Hello Sir, I bought a laptop with my own money. Now, my company decided to reimburse this laptop amount to me. But while reimbursing, they deducted TDS on this reimbursement. Isn't it a foul play? Please help ..

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Calculation of loss

Dear Sir/Ma'am, I have bought some shares of a listed company in Dec 2020 and sold them at a lesser price in May 2021. Purchase was done in FY 2020-21, Sold in FY 2021-22, So, overall I faced a loss. My query is: -> This loss should be included in which financial year's return (ITR), 2020-21 or 2021-22?..

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Query regarding LUT, and currency recieved.

We had applied for LUT, but the client accidentally paid via money transfer (like western union) to our current bank account. Since amount recieved is in INR and country is Israel, also I cannot get an FIRC for same as purpose code with these services is "Family assistance" as it shows in transaction desceiption. It is second time he made this mistake, since he was used to making payment same way to the director(me) before incorporation of a company. For the last payment I just transferred i..

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Tax Audit u/s 44AB limit increased upto 5 Cr. w.e.f. AY 20-21- Is it applicable to all businesses?

Tax Audit U/s 44AB limit has been proposed to increase up to Rs. 5Cr. from AY 2020-2021 for MSME sector in Union Budget 2020 but several conditions apply.   What is MSME? The full form of MSME is Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. According to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Act (MSMED) 2006, there are two types of MSME such as, Manufacturing Enterprises. Service Enterprises.   Click here to read the official definition of MSME ..

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