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shares stock [5]

All you need to know about - Book Building

Meaning: Every organization requires funds to carry out its business activities. It can raise funds either externally or through internal sources. When the comp..

Posted in articles |   13 comments |   2469 Views

How to transfer / claim physical share certificate of deceased shareholder?

Are your holding physical share certificate of deceased shareholder? Confused, what to do with share certificate left behind by deceased shareholder?If you are ..

Posted in articles |   2 comments |   5691 Views

Why People Fail in Stock Markets?

Over 90% people who put their money in stock markets end up losing more than they manage to earn. I am often asked why do people lose money and thus fail in sto..

Posted in articles |   19 comments |   2478 Views

Peculiar case of Differential Voting Right Shares in India

IntroductionTo summarise in a few words, DVR shares are merely the same shares of a company, having, mutatis mutandis, all the rights and privileges that are ve..

Posted in articles |   1 comments |   1390 Views

What are Blue Chip Companies?

There are literally thousands of companies listed on exchanges in India but there are few companies which are stable when it comes to finances and other financi..

Posted in articles |   13 comments |   2764 Views

How to claim unclaimed dividend / share transferred to IEPF?

WHAT IS IEPF?Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) is for the promotion of Investors� Awareness and Protection of the interests of investors in In..

Posted in articles |   7 comments |   11088 Views

Are We "Robbing Peter and Paying Paul"?

Niraj : Hey Anurag, why do you look so tensed and depressed ? Is everything alright?Anurag : What to say Niraj !! There is no humanity left in this world.Niraj ..

Posted in articles |   2 comments |   1811 Views

SEBI restriction on Transfer of Physical Share

Still holding Physical Share of Listed Entity!! Please get rid of it before 5thDecember 2018.Otherwise You may lose your right to transfer.On 8th June2018, SEB..

Posted in articles |   15 comments |   48320 Views

Mutual Funds Sahi Hain? Mistakes while selecting Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risk please read the information document carefully before Investing goes the off-repeated statement..

Posted in articles |   4 comments |   2504 Views

The problem in strong dollar and rising US bond yields for emerging market

WHAT IS THE ISSUE WITH STRONG US DOLLAR AND HIGH BOND YIELDS??At first, we think if a rising US dollar could be positive for developing Asia. Because a stronger..

Posted in articles |   1 comments |   842 Views

Facing Capital Crunch? - An Analysis of SME IPO as an option

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the major contributor to Indian Economy. They provide employment to over 40% of workforce in India and contribute around..

Posted in articles |   1565 Views

The Other Side of Nomination - You Must Know

As Our Vision Statement says, "Making Goal based customized Financial Advice accessible to all and spread Financial Literacy." We are starting with ..

Posted in articles |   884 Views

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